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2227damage with Demon's Scar with sane setup as in the comment below.
Ah, the pyromancer's secret weapon against heavys turtling under their shield. I can't fully explain the pleasure of just going through the shield of an enemy with this bad boy. Maybe my favourite of all the spells in this game.
Sorcerer : sooooul... stre... aagh! "Gets caught by sacred flame" Pyro: you were sayin?
*Ganking sunlight warrior and white phantom close in on both sides* *slapping noises as they R1 spam against iron flesh*
Casting Black Serpent at mid-close range and immediately following up with this spell will get a lot of successful grabs. Often opponents will try to roll behind you while you cast either of these spells and be surprised by a command grab.
(Only in pvp, pve doesnt work) when you grab someone the same time that someone hits you with the weapon, the damage the 4 first ticks of the spell has is replaced by the damage the target s weapon has. Serious damage if used against greatswords and really useful risk-reward glitch on ganks. (I dont think is a glitch, almost seems intentional and i appreciate that)
Really? That is honestly makes me want to try this out in PvP. Thanks a bunch!
Is this any good with basically no magic investment? Or is the risk not worth the reward at that point? Seems perfect for a warrior so I would assume so..



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Overall, I would advise against it. It's a Pyromancy, so it scales with Intelligence and Faith. Using it with low or base Int. and Faith is about as ineffective as using a non-upgraded weapon with low Strength and Dexterity. You can still add more damage to Sacred Flame and any other Pyromancy if you upgrade your Pyromancy Flame. I don't have the stats, but I would expect it's only half as effective as any backstab or riposte. However, if you come across enemies that overuse shields, feel free to use Sacred Flame to spit on their honor. It bypasses almost any blocking.
Might want to look into using dark hand WA. From my testing, sacred flame requires a bit of investment in terms of stats and rings to get decent damage out of, while dark hand can get good damage with low stats and no ring, and is also capable of healing on hit. However, it does get worse tracking, and can't go through shields, and trying to hit with it is a bit janky. Still worth considering.
Dark Hand WA is worse than this. Sure, it heals, and doesn't require much investment, but it can't go through shields and doesn't work on Hollows, which most players are in PvP.
Better with Witchtree Branch in the other hand. Quick casting.
Saint-tree bellvine also gives the extra casting speed, and if i remember correctly it weighs less than the Witchtree Branch. You could alo use the sage's ring +2 to get max casting speed with 10 dex (Don't know if you get max casting speed at < 10 dex)
Is it possible that someone can make a list of all the bosses that can be grabbed with this?
From what i know the sage for sure and mabye abyss watchers
abyss watchers for sure
abyss watchers for sure
Tested something. I put on a bunch of heavy armor, used iron flesh, wolf ring, Perseverance. I then did several Undead Matches. I found that pretty much the entire animation of the sacred flame windup is hyper frames. Twice, I took two hits while winding up and still caught the guy. It's basically impossible to stagger someone out of the animation once they started if you have enough poise. But it really only worked the first time, because most would backup and throw bombs/knives at me while I slow walked towards them....
You also can use the Caestus or the BKS weapon art
As far as I'm aware, the grab works fully on sister friede, crystal sages, and phase 1 abyss watchers (not phase 2, for some reason)