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I have been thinking about this weapon, and I've come to the conclussion that the Reiterpallasch is actually meant to be paired with the Rosmarinus and/or the Flamesprayer; for those are arcane based guns like this one, and lack the ability to peform parries, unlike the Reiterpallasch. So, it aint for bloodtinge builds, like it's thought, but to compensate what the spray guns lacks. I'm currently working on a skill-arcane build. So, when I get to Cainhurst Castle I'll test this out.
*cough* bone ashed cannon *cough*
Tbh, I think you’ve got it right considering that it has D in bloodtinger but a B in arcane
I honestly think everybody's got this weapon wrong. Everybody runs it on SKL/BLT BL 120+ builds with Evelyn in the left hand or silly things like Rosmarinus or whatever. I don't think that makes sense at all. The name of this game is parry baiting + viscerals, right? Everything else is basically context. So, people will whiff R1s at each other until somebody can get a parry in, visceral and end it. Sometime you'll stagger somebody who's dashing and get a few R1s in unpunished. More advanced (and successful) builds have some form of ranged attack that they can use to put pressure on the opponent and force him to come close and try to R1, at which point they'll try to parry and punish it. This is the case with the HMLS or with arcane tools like Executioner's Glove, or with Bloodtinge builds with stuff like Evelyn + Chikage... who won't visceral you btw, most probably just burst you to death, mostly because parrying with an Evelyn is that much more of a commitment compared to parrying with a Blunderbuss (if you whiff you most likely miss too, and get punisher; with Blunderbuss a lot of times you'll whiff the parry but still hit the guy, staggering him). Now, the Reiterpallasch requires minimal BLT, scales its damage on Physical DMG gems, requires only one hand to shoot. To me, this means the following: take your VIT and SKL to 50, END to whatever you feel like doing (most likely 20), BLT to 10, completely ignore everything else (STR, ARC); take the transformed Reiterpallasch in your right hand, Blunderbuss in your left, go invade. You'll be under BL 100 (most likely 93-94), essentially do the same visceral damage as the BL 120 guys and have exactly as much HP as they do, you can bait the parries with a high damage pistol shot from a range and then parry people who get in range with an actual Blunderbuss to do a visceral like any pure SKL (or "Quality" SKL) build with minimal investment.
Toughest weapon to understand in the game. It's a dex weapon that allows you to free your left hand so you can use shields to block bullets and spells or sprayers w blunderbuss style gun. Or you can go woth a quality build for less weapon dmg but pair it with the cannons and gatling! The arcane scaling does nothing probably there by accident and from is lazy to fix it.
This weapon with bolt damage and a full beasthood meter absoloutly destroys kin
Too bad you can’t quickly double shoot bullets if you also have a gun in the left hand, would’ve been fun
Pew pew
Rotted Pthumeru Ihyll [ykfd7rhi] (F/R/-) L2: Lost Logarius' Wheel L3: Lost Reiterpallasch, Lost Burial Blade L3 is a very large area with 3 treasure chests.
Rarely seen because of its niche use, but I've always found it fun to use, especially against kin or while using a non-parrying offhand weapon. Its biggest flaw, by far, is how hard it is to tell the difference between tricked and normal mode while fighting. Every other weapon has distinct visual changes, the (very pretty and aesthetically appealing) reiterpallach literally just moves the blade a few inches to the side. It's an inconvenience but still will mess up your flow. I like it though, it's one of few trick weapons that look very nice and are quite fast
Excuse me, I may miss something here, but what's the point of ARC scaling here ? Does it affect the weapon in some way since it didn't have an ARC line of damage ?
The Arcane only pertains to if you decide "I want to put fire/bolt/magic damage on this weapon". So if you put an Arcane scaling element on it to override everything else, it will have a B in scaling, so it's okay for if you wanted to make it a fire/bolt/magic weapon. There's absolutely no purpose to the ARC scaling in ANY weapon unless they already have a magic stat. Think of it like this: B scaling in ARC, but there's 0 element damage on it default. Therefore, taking a random value of 60%, it's like 0(x1.6 for B scaling) = 0. If you put fire on it, let's say 240, it would then be 240(x1.6)=384.