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maybe its worth mentioning that u need one of these for each armor piece u want to augment
i got two from my first barroth
After capturinging 2 radobans while only breaking the head i got it :D
5 paomulu 1 barroth still nothing so far.
5 paomulu 3 barroth. got 3 gem from 3th. wtf is this drop rate.
3RD. Good lord people.
Excuseeeeee meeeeee it is 3ND
I read the wepons list and well some one forgot the ROCKET POWERD GREAT SWORD or wavern ignition impact
I believe it is the wyvern ignition "impact"
Got three from carving a single diablos, was not even trying to get one.
what does high rank star mean in the drop percentage
For young lads and lasses: To get a wyvern gem you must farm the***** out of hr radobaans
Guess it’s time to buy some Mountain Dew,Doritos,lock myself in a room,crank up the ac,and start going to town on those high ranking Radobaans
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what if you get cold?