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I'm sorry but that just HAS to be Gough or at the very least, his descendant. I find it weird that he says "I help anytime" the same exact way the giant blacksmith in DS1 Anor Londo says it, being as though said blacksmith is confirmed dead in Anor Londo of DS3. I mean c'mon, the bow he has is a dead ringer for Gough, AND the fact that he drops the hawk ring (which was by the GB in DS1 for some reason) is Goughs ring. The lore in these games is so deep and confusing and I f**king love it.
His voice is quite different, I think its more likely to be a descendent or reincarnation than gough himself
1) The Gough we meet is well in the past in DS1. He mentions wanting to befriend the Giant Blacksmith, so we can assume that he did when he got back to Anor Londo, and gave the Hawk Ring to him to look after it. 2) Saying something the same as GB says doesn't mean he's Gough. That makes no sense. Gough was very literate and spoke like a human - this giant does not, so it likely isn't Gough. 3) It's probably just a random giant, may have known Gough and GB, as most giants were slaves of the gods and so were all in Anor Londo, who took the Hawk Ring and Gough's greatbow. It's unlikely that it's Gough, if mostly for the fact that it speaks and sounds completely different.
First off, that "it can't be Gough because time passed" bit needs taken off, the wiki is for facts not opinions, you can't just disagree with a theory you saw in the comments section and post your disagreement on the page like it's fact... if you'd played any of these games you'd know that time never was a factor in deciding things in these games. Just look at Gale, Patches, the giant trees, Alva and Zullie, etc. Time being convoluted is literally a part of the game lore, like, mentioned by npcs and everything. To the point that you can help Anri kill Aldrich before you even see him. Even putting aside time being convoluted, longevity is very much a thing in this series, things tend to last awhile. Anyways, It'd have to be Gough's descendant since Gough didn't look like that... unless he's naked, but wasn't Gough... bigger? The bow is proof he's at least a descendant though.
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new game or finish game and start NG+
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isn't he useing the millwood great bow? it literally does the same thing. and explodes````
kill for hawk ring , in bow build
I collected all the items unknowingly, only to see that he is no longer shooting arrows and later finding him dead. I'm sad.
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