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I honestly thought Yulia was a Mimic Pot kind of thing :))
when you walk away without buying stuff, he sometimes says... "Hmph. What a waste of time. Go and fall off a cliff." ... something tells me the English translators knew that was a common way to die, and had a bit of fun putting it in as a throw-away joke...
Considering that most of the stuff he sells is also sold by Marvelous Chester and Saint Elizabeth in the DLC, it might be worth murdering him for his Uchigatana...
bruh he is in the early game and he sell this **** so cheap so unless you are going for a dex build with that katana (which is not actually the best weapon) there really isn't a point for killing him
Chester stuff is way more expensive so there is no point to buy things from him when you can get them cheaper from this guy
Page is missing the [Warrior's Round Shield]
He drops the dried finger when killed in DSR
warrior's round shield is missing
Killed this dude for early Uchigatana... funnest game ever!!!!
they. have to upgrade this website
I noticed something: unlike his female colleague, the undead merchant doesn't have bright red eyes, just like the player. However, almost all of the hostile hollows in the game have glowing eyes. Even so, the female merchant still has her humanity and is not hostile towards the player. I already know the difference between Undead and Hollow, but I would like to know if there is any meaning or if it was simply overlooked.
In the Remastered version his eyes are red.
something weird i just found, when i first see him, he has the burning red eyes that hollows do, but after i spend enough souls (~1600 souls, i bought the residence key and a scimitar) he gives a seemingly sincere thanks and loses the red eyes and instead he just has black eyes like the player (or no eyes for that matter.)

Maybe giving him just enough souls pushes him further from hollowing.
Interesting point. I haven't paid any attention to that yet.