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Just summon Solaire and its easy mode
till both ornstein and smough corner him, i gotta say this game really is a challenge and that's why i love it
Man, someone needs to rewrite parts of this one.
When Smough attacks or brings up his hammer from an attack he can hit Ornstein and move him
Yeah but it do no damage so it’s useless
this is a boss fight where using a summon is okay in my book. ***** that 2v1 *******
Git Gud
Anyone who summons Solaire is a casul
Or glitched their way over there early
Lik god who would be such a dumbass to instinctively head to Anor Londo and sit at the Anor Londo bonfire after skipping the suns foretress bonfire like what a dumb piece of*****
You summon solair because solair is the best man and you want to see as much as possible from him
Idk, but praise the sun!
Do you even praise the sun?
I've fought these guys so many times with so many different weapons that they're easy to me. Especially Super Ornstein who rarely ever hits me. I've beat them multiple times now without dying.
You must be so strong...
no one cares
Nothing's better than listening to their badass theme while they rip your spine out of you arse. Also fun fact Smough is actually pretty *****ing buff under that armour which explains with the mobility and how he swings that hammer around with ease
It's also said that he might be taking the sumo fighters aproach, wich also makes perfect sense
What a Boss Fight ! or better "Bosses Fight" one of the best that i had in a game ! the badass desing of Ornstein and Smough the Soundtrack everything is remarkble ! i can't belive it that i beat them in my first try it can sound a bit noobish but i summoned Solaire wich make it much easier , Solaire attack Smough and i helped him and we killed him then it was only Smough left i lure him to one of the broken pillars and i waited and hit him in the moment that he let an opener and eventually i killed him , the joy of see them down is awesome !
anxiety the fight
Yeah this BS right here is the kind of horrible game design that only incels defend. So keep defending your cheap shotting, rigged game. I'll stick with Skyrim, a game that's actually fun.
The only incel here is the one who can't beat O&S
Lol git gud thottie
And here we have an idiot.
lol get gud casual
Bruh you are cringe


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*Goes back to playing novice on Skyrim* xD
lol noob go beat alduin on novice you dumb dumb come back to dark souls when you become A MAN!
Git gud
I guess this guy didnt know that rolling gives invincibility frames lol
Skyrim's a game?? I thought skyrim was a garbage collecting, house decorating and Barbie doll dress up simulator. At least that's what I remember of it. I can't recall much gameplay other than running around a large pointless world doing mundane tasks for*****tily scripted NPCs and going through pointless linear 'dungeons' that all manage to have convenient escape routes leading back to the entrance conveniently located right next to whatever useless garbage they reward you with.
Complains about a tough boss, blames the game on his lack of skill, and says Skyrim is better. Casual confirmed.
Just a hunch but I think this guy died to pinwheel
casual detected
git gud scrub
skyrim and fun dont go together. skyrim and "half finished monstrosity" do, though!
"Only incels defend" yeah like thats not true for skyrim players btw your the worst player in dark souls that I have heard of.
Im honestly confused on how this man got to O&S
The 4 people who upvoted this are his 4 alternate accounts made only to upvote this message
Is that you, Trump?
One man confirms says "Just a hunch but I think this guy died to pinwheel" another says "I'm honestly confused on how this man got to O&S"... I think they are so correct... GIT GUD NOOB!
'This has go to be ironic