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***** this boss. 2 apes vs 1 poor boy.
Got him on third try without Kuro's bell. Let's just say 1. Wail on him from behind with Ako's and Confetti by dropping down from Hidden Forest idol side. 2. Ungo's during mate call and then kite during phase 2 until he screams, which the mate will most likely break off and attack you during this. It gives you a good chance to Long Spark and take down the mate within 1-2 firecrackers if you're lucky. 3. Lilac umbrella or kite and confetti. 4. ?????? 5. Profit!!!! 6. Cry because you ran out of confetti.
Doing a no kuros charm, bell demon and one attack power run and these strays just don't work any more because I do no damage.
Fun-fight if you (are) buff enough and you run away fast . It needs to give more xp as a reward though, I dont get even a full point from it at the point where I was happy fighting it... not even a half one. How meager for two of them !
There is one more attack pattern this boss has to offer and it's mean af: Everything looks like a sword three hit combo BUT after the first thrust comes a shorter roar which fills your TERROR bar. Be careful, as this attack is absolutely unpredictable.
Are we certain the brown ape isnt an apparition of the apes former mate? It seems odd otherwise and when it dies it fades away.
Gyobu oniwa's horse also fades away when gyobu dies, but that wasn't a bad tought
In my opinion, the Brown ape IS an apparition. The memories of the boss explain to us that the headless ape lost his mate and tries to make the white flower to have her back. Just at the top of the arena, there is a regular monkey, and guess what the corpse of a brown ape… So except if he found an other mate (but it would make no sense since he is trying to bring back her love…), this is an apparition.
Where the new mate was, the brown ape you fight, there is a smaller monkey up above, not I can't recall if he was always there, but it's possible that is their child. So we just straight up murdered a family. From soft everybody.
Beat him and his girlfriend first try thanks to Tyrannicon's Youtube guide. Check it out if you're having trouble...
This boss fight reminds me of my favorite boss from Bloodborne, which is the one where they dumped Ludwig phase 1 and Ludwig phase 2 in a tiny arena and made them both aggro on you simultaneously
Yeah man. Remember when they threw cleric beast and Laurence the first vicar in the small area?
I found that a handful of flame vents are enough to kill the brown ape entirely. Just throw oil, run around and wait for an opportunity to close in and use the flame.
Does oil have to be thrown again before each hit of flame vent?
Had a hell of a time beating Guardian Ape. Took me far too many days. Finally beat it, and continued on only to find I had to fight it again. Beat it first try in the same day as beating the Guardian ape. Sometimes things just work out.