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Any ideas on how to always get this skill from good? With all these newbies in the game I’m gonna need it when I play online especially with elder dragons.
You can only get this skill if it happens to be part of the daily skills. So, not always. Further, unless you pay using a Meal Voucher, you are not guaranteed to have this buff activate for the mission.
If you still care for elder dragons I'm afraid you're a newbie yourself in the game.
lol the guy talking about still caring for elder dragons cant look at the date the comment was posted
get your canteen filled out and get i think felyne safeguard... it takes 6 drinks but eh, it is a free life
Sidenote: it really is just for the first faint. Doesn't matter if you eat again afterwards and get Felyne Insurance again.
This skill saved my group during diablos and black diablos fight!