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Oh Freideh, Bring meh muh flail.
No need for thy flail, Father
I combine it's effects with Sunlight Straight Sword weapon art to cast Dhory's Gnawing or Divine Pillars of Light. It brings nice effects. Can't give exact numbers right now, but hurts the enemies like hell.
It is actually designed more similarly to the Scourge or the Knout which were used in religious practices as penance or as a method of execution. The "Cat-o-nine" was a single with with multiple softer leather falls that did not have barbs or knots.
Ihave 90 faith,which is better for me yorshka chime +10 or rose of ariandel????
I don't know how are you asking this, didn't you even read the article? Rose of Ariandel caps off at 40 faith. Furthermore, Yorska's chime is the harderst-scaling chime at 45+
whip me harder uncle Gael
Rose of Ariandel Spell Buff - 189 x .95(buff damage) = 179.55 x (1.0 + 0.25 (weapon art boost) + 0.20 (ring of the suns first born) + 0.12 (mornes ring) + 0.08 (lightning or magic clutch ring PVP)) = 292.5 damage added on via Lightning/Dark Moon Blade. Lightning Infused Splitleaf +10 = 607 damage (40 str, 40 dex, 40 faith) vs Sharp Infused Splitleaf +10 = 515 damage + 293 = 808 damage.
ring of the suns firstborne and mornes ring don't affect weapon buffs.
Brreng me muh flael..
This is a huge buff, much bigger than Sacred Oath and it lasts a lot longer, even when switched out for a different Chime. With Ring of the Sun's First Born, Morne's Ring, Lightning clutch Ring, and the Crystal Chime +5 casting Sunlight Spear, at 50 Faith, against the Lothric Knight, I got 1064 dmg with no buffs, 1170 with only Sacred Oath, and 1293 with only the Flail Buff. adding them together along with Power Within, I reached 1707 dmg!
without Power within, only the Flail Buff and Sacred Oath, I cast 1423 damage.
I used to have an Irithill Straight Sword for roll catching on my greathammer build, but casting miracles was always cumbersome as a result. Not only is this better at roll-catching (longer range) but now I have no reason for a second weapon and can save on dexterity investment and carry weight. This thing is a beast on your offhand.