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So, I was wondering about some things. In the game I use havels armor, great magic weapon, and different types of pyromancy a lot. But, I’m having difficulty deciding in a primary sword and shield, I’m level 84, and up to this point I’ve been using a raw long sword + 5, my decision on a sword has been narrowed down to the cursed great sword of Artorias or the silver knight straight sword. My choice on a shield is between the balder, blood shield, heater, and grass crest.


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So my bud and me were just grinding to lvl so I could get my strength to 24 to use zweihander, but when I got it-it was to slow. Well I was stuck with long sword +5. I told my friend I wanted a sword that looked cool called the drake sword, and when I got it I was thrilled. The sword has a base of 200, which is stronger than a zweihander +5 and it is as fast a long sword. So, I have been using it. You get it by cutting of the red dragons tails.