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halo 3 babee!
I get it (dunkey)
The fact that it does has magic damage but has a faith scaling is a non-sense for me. Like the Occult Club.
Both magic and divine weapons do magic damage, they just scale with different stats as well as divine weapons having a special properties that is effective against certain enemies and stops skeletons from getting back up.


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I didn't know this sword counts as divine! Good to know.
No matter how I run the stats on this weapon, the stats are just bad in the long run compared to any other straight swords with or without a divine buff. Why is one of the most iconic weapons in the game so trash lol? I wish they would've buffed it a little in the remaster. Doesn't even have to beat the Balder Side Sword or any of the other straight swords, just needs to be made into a more viable weapon for endgame PvE usage.
no kidding. so frustrating. It looks great in the remaster, too.