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So um...... Why can Velkhana spawn in Wildspire zone? Like, Coral I could get, but why the desert/heat based area, for the ICE dragon?
Because Velkhana can freeze anything. It's like an Ice god, if it wants to live in a desert, it'll just freeze the desert.
First time you fight velkhana she is in the elder recess meaning volcanic region so the desert is actually colder compared to that LOL
Velkhana spawn in every place if I recall correctly
Deserts are notoriously cold during nighttime. Extreme temperature swings between night and day. Expect heat stroke during day, and hypothermia at night.


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Someone already mentioned Lunastra but Teostra can spawn in Wildspire region as well.
New volcano region as per today, seen new monster like lavasioth
A little bit unsettled. I've noticed a Zorah Magdaros skull in the vale region. Also even weirder there are also Dalamdur Bones here. Jeez how big was this things. Either this dead dalamadur is absolutely GINORMOUS (the one from the actual rotten vale) or there were 3 instead of just the two found in the vale. Cool?
I remember seeing a post some where, someone did the math, the Dalamadur skull in the Vale belongs to a nearly 7 km long one. Making thebone you fight in the previous games a baby in comparison
so master rank wont have optional missions?
Master rank has optional quests. Do you mean optional quests specifically in the Guiding Lands? Because the Guiding Lands itself has no optional quests that take place there
Gonna put it here because I'm nt sure if I'm just crazy or not, but Invader monsters (Those that can spawn in any region) dont contribute or hinder region progress at all. Killing a Banbaro didnt mve my Rotted Region progress at all, despite dpawning in the Region itself and being listed as such in the map. Same with both Rajang and Ebony Odogaron.



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Tundra region details added up to level 5 - getting the rest!
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It says that untempered elders and deviljho can drop Great Spiritvein Gems on lvl 7. Is this true or an error?
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