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So far he is just useless and sometimes even annoying (like most of comments below), but I found one thing which you can think of as 'positive'... he counts as ally, so Rallying Cry got +1 member effect.
Most annoying character in the game. He just died meanwhile I was in a battle, because he gets teleported back where I fight which is a fire field and stupidly runs around. Why don't he just leave like the black cat did? It was annoying sometimes too and ran inside the battle, but not everytime like Sir Lora
Do you have Pet Pal? Do you remember, what he said? You are supposed to be his SHIELD! You are supposed to protect him at all cost, shield. So it does make sense for him keeping near you, you would keep close to your shield most the time, wouldn't you? It's your fault, that you fight inside a flame field. Yes, you have armor and high vitality and whatnot, but you will still take damage anyway, so will the poor squirrel. Make your main character a ranged one and keep higher ground to protect the brave rodent as well. Problem solved. Or cast Bless on the fire, or do other stuff, but don't complain, that while you keep fighting in fire, your squirrel is dieing.
the AI is bad and he gets himself killed but he can still follow you as a ghost after he dies making him impervious to damage but if this happens you wont be able to talk to him until act two
I hate Sir Loras AI. When he decides to run through the battlefield he consumes all my healing tears charges and spreads disease all around.
yeah, same experience on my part
If you use healing tears you deserve to die


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Updated the page. It seemed so empty. I also made clear that there is no reason to keep him alive. No more reloads.
blasphemy BLASPHEMY !!! SIR LORA IS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS HE IS THE REAL E N D GAME.......... thanks for updating his page <3
Thanks for the spoiler about the final fight I guess...
>looking up game guides and not expecting spoilers
I totally agree... Not looking up game guides. Just curious about if an npc actually does something or not?
So I'm not the only one... I was just curious what this dude does!
You can Nether Swap things with Sir Lora, which imo makes him incredibly useful in combat.
there is a bug, he ended up dying during the reaper coast corrupted tree scenario in the graveyard, i reloaded to try and save him but he died every single time, and i could never get to him to resurrect him in time, even though his spirit follows me around in the trees memories Lora refuses to leave them and is thus trapped forever.....not the WORST bug in the world, but i liked having him tag along.
Idk if my quest bugged or whatever but I didn't get his dialogue about being an ex-knight of drey and 'death' of querqus. anyways I think that was because I shooed him away right before the last fight on nameless isle so if you want to listen to this dialogue for yourself do not shoo him away before arena of the one
What's up with the various times Sir Lora touches you and you see visions of potential spells? It seems like he might have some legitimate powers...but so far hasn't passed anything onto me...