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a crutch item for noobs
you need to kill 3 separate arch tempered elder dragons tho and HR 50 defiantly a noob mantle but i agree on the crutch part
lol agreed, item doesn't belong in monster hunter and is a disgrace to the players who actually want to get good at the game
you should realise that you both get this at the end of the game, and it's not too stronk, you still have to watch your health and not be an absolute *, there it's not a crutch nor a noob item
another elitist ***** tard thinking they are perfect at the game. You have to be good enough to get it and just because someone wants to use it it doesn't make them a noob. It's a tanking mantle. get over yourself
A * like yourself says so but why even bother coming onto this page to post this comment? You do realize that without iceborne you're essentially fighting 3 tempered monsters and beating them to obtain this mantle right? Also you must be mentally challenged to call anybody a noob when you get this mantle at the end of the game
i would have to say its the best mantle in the whole game cuz it makes you immune to roars ground tremors even tornados and no flinching no matter what attack
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Real Monster Hunter players don't need this item. It only exists to make noobs feel better about themselves/
Ok *
you do know you need to be already good at the game to get rocksteady right? or are you just an elitist * that thinks he good only because he doesn't use one of the better item in the game
Why bother coming onto this site to spout out your bull*****You say real monster hunter players wont need the item yet they still use it how can you account for all of the players that play this game to say they don't use it?
Every time I see somebody join my party using this item, I kick the *****ing noob from my party. This item sucks. Good players don't need it, good players don't use it. It's a crutch for lazy players who want to play the game on "easy mode". ***** off.
Yeah ***** off anybody that wants to play a game and use tools that they earned. What you though having fun, relaxing, or just messing around with useful gear was okay, reeee. Hey buddy when you're done sucking off your own l33t gamer*****maybe get a life and remember your just playing a video game.
Love how people say this is a noob crutch when Temporal mantle is te more broken and noob friendly one.