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If your into thievery then keep her alive she carry's lightning spells. You can find her comrades in the max on the eastern part of the map.
Once the ship is ready to leave, she is located near the head fountain and dead.
Not true for me. I treated her the good way and she is nowhere to be seen around the sanctuary...alive, undead or dead.
wtf. i gave her the jar and only got 30+ attitude- no item offer or exp! Grr!!!
never ever left her alive.
She was helping the seekers and no reason to think she hadn't helped other people. How many ppl do you think she'd have helped over literally thousands of years since she was made undead? Probably not enough to justify the empire she helped make, but***** what else does she have to do? lol
You question her once she calls you insolent pup and gets agressive af. ***** her tbh, I destroyed her jar right in front of her eyes. You go into all that trouble find her soul, consider helping her and thats how she treats you.
Actually when you give her the jar, she will explain everything to you, beg you for forgiveness and whatnot. It's only your own fault, that she turned aggro, being impatient doesn't always work, well mostly it doesnt.
Her soul lies on top of my desk for the rest of eternity. She won't get it back and neither will I let it go to afterlife. I think I'll find a nice place for her to die and respawn for the rest of eternity.