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Don't you mean M.I.L.F
best waifu
I'd say second best. After Sebille. And of course, as all girls, she is nothing compared to Fane
She's like a Gearbox character but actually funny 10/10
Malady is a garbage-tier character and I hope I get to kill her later.
Garbage-tier post
In a game filled to the brim with unlikable npcs the one that's actually charming, witty, and helpful is the "garbage" character. Sure, okay.
delet this


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Malady can removes party member's collars if they still on after defeating Alexandar
I always thought that's the only way, because how else would you remove them? Only the main character gets their collar off after winning the Arena fight and speaking to the smith lady, the rest will have their collars until meeting Malady. Or is there another option to free your party?
It doesn't seem to matter if you cast bless on her or on yourself.
don't attack her after she gives wants you get on the boat or finish other quests on the island, she will disappear and only say "DON'T", you will never be able to leave the island if you do
u can attack her, she will come back in a bit of time... no reason to do that though, just for funsies :D
Can you romance her?
I have romanced several Malady
she's asking me to pray cos i didn't use the altars - it's the only way to get out of Fort Joy. I won't do it. I shot her and she disappeared *laughs hysterically*
She can send you in the Hall of Echoes to get Bless (I guess that's, what you mean by "she's asking me to pray"), I missed the statues in one of my playthroughs and she helped me to get Bless that way.