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Bad vs experienced players in pvp, great vs casuals, absolute beast and destroyer in PvE. Remember that annoying Ringed Knight who gave you trouble rolling through his attacks? Come to his face and cast WA two times - he ded.
Some detailed info on weapon art?


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From hiw I see it (I never used it before) it's an combination of the perseverance of the greathammers and the spell "wrath of the gods"
It's essentially two rolled into one, only unlike WotG the damage is brutal and can easily 1-shot most players with the right build.
From the way I see it: Perseverance + Wrath of the Gods + Sage’s Ring + Both Miracle Rings (Insane damage, fairly quick, poise during and after, and your opponent is knocked over)



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I did some testing on the WA. Follow the Morne's Rage link to see the details.
I love this weapon but I gotta say the devs were pretty stoned when balancing the stat requirements and the damage output and scaling of this thing. It's outclassed in so many ways by so many weapons it's kinda sad. Most important thing is how much fun you have with the weapon you use though, so I give this baby a spin from time to time.
just like grant from ds1 lol. i stacked up to 30 faith and 34 strength to two hand it, and i ran a paladin leeroy build. even on ng+ in ds1 grant is still doing dope damage. either way this may actually be better. but out of all the games i prefer ds1's miracles, they just feel so deliberate and balanced.
A fun weapon, but demands a LOT of dedication to just weild, never mind scale with. 6/10 I'll stick to Vordt's personally.
ye, vordts hammer can be op especially for how early you can get it. just beat vordt run down to undead settlement beat the greatwood and then youve got a super op weapon to stick with for the entire game. the frostbite just eats through any enemy.