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For almost every quest I've fought it, I've focused the head, brought bombs, and still no part break even with part breaker lvl 3! Capcom needs to fix the hitbox for the head or fix the actual damage at which the part breaks. maybe they added another 0 by accident when programing the values so that it doesn't break until after the dmg totals more than the creature's health. its aggravating when you spend a whole 24 hours of game time farming him and NO HORNS!!!
Try investigations you can get any part in that box
You never played PSP era Monster Hunter games, did you?
You can only break the horns if he's below 20%
Git gud
Are you sure that you used all possible damage boost skills like "attack boost", "critical boost" "weakness exploit", maybe "artillery" along with "attack boost" if you are bomb-hbg? Only "part breaker" not enough, this monster is kinda tough.
his head is literally the easiest thing to break. I break his head every time by attacking it with a bow. even in his AT form his head is like the only part I breakbreak
Why did CAPCOM make this thing such a scrub and weak as hecc
I wouldn’t say it’s weak it’s more obnoxious
Is there a good strategy for breaking his head with the flying strike bow?
use spread..
aim for the head, his head is the easiest to break with a bow and you should be targeting his head most of the time
pretty easy with bow, constantly R2 -> level 2 spread whenever have chance
If you wanna solo him but suck at fighting him, take my advice, bring a bunch of mega bombs and materials to make more, bring ghillie, temporal, and/or rocksteady mantle and switching them up during cooldown, and use the bombs whenever possible. Personally when i have temporal mantle on, I place down mega barrel bombs near him when he is on the ground, and place it under him when he is hovering above me. When 2 mega barrel bombs go off underneath him, it usually knocks him down (assuming he is hovering). Also quick thing to note, if you are going to go for this build, the "Bomber" decoration is good to have on since it increases exploding item damage. Also, i usually manage to beat him within the 35-45 minute margin, when i solo Arch-tempered Kushala Daora using this method. Although you will probably be faster cause i ran most of the time due to the fact that he can 1-2 shot me and i refuse to change my gear loadout for some cockamaney reason.
temporal and rocksteady won't help the first time around lmao, you can't get them at that point
oooor ... get a bow, and laugh while stunlocking that clown to death
How much health does Kushala have
about 19k solo
"Flashpods help, can confirm"- greatsword user just to flex beat kushala first try
stfu liar. your probably just trying to make yourself feel better because you had a ton of trouble with kushala. frickin loser.
Why the ***** did they remove that poisoning him removes his wind abilities?
Cause elderseal is a thing now.
I like how Kushala in older titles was just like every other monster when you first see it, where it’d attack you, but in World he’s chill as ***** when you encounter him after the assigned quest.
There's no longsword?!? WHY!
Appears that there is one in Iceborne now