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Clearly the superior choice in any situation... It's my firm opinion that the straight sword class in general is OP, the dark sword being on it's own tier of *******. Maybe that sounds whiny or salty, but i don't honestly have issues with people using straight swords so much as i have issues with being 4 hit killed by a dark infused straight sword. Fighting with straight swords really is as simple as just managing your spacing and punishing, i'll say that straight swords are easy mode and don't really take skill to use, that isn't to say that you CAN'T fight using a straight sword with skill. I've been on both sides of the argument and know what its like both fighting and using straight swords, there are people who actually fight with skill, it's just "skill" involving straight swords really just seems to be being really aggressive and roll catching at every possible opportunity, it can feel really cheap. You know what i'm talking about, those skilled straight sword users that basically dominate the fight and usually have you dead in around 30 seconds the first time you fight them, then you git gud the next time you fight them and eventually their "skill" (aggressive playstyle) gets easier to handle as you fight them more. That or you have those guys that will just walk away from you untargeted and R1 back at you when you go to follow them and just repeat this. I can say from experience that the default straight sword class WAs can be SO good if you know how to use them... It can feel unfair how good they can be... shields basically become useless and that WA R2 is just AMAZING if used right. The WA R1 comes out quicker than most regular r1s on almost every weapon type and chains into the WA R2 really well too, its not a true combo but will land often if the opponent doesn't time their roll well. There really are just so many reasons straight swords are just too good, are there counter measures? Of course. There're counter measure to everything, but anyone with skill knows how to handle said counter measures for their weapon.
I mean, ss' are fairly easy to be decent with, probably the easiest in most people's opinion, but (and I hate to say this) git gud and they're really not op.
They're easy because of their swing speed, AR and the fact that there's no poise.
oh sh*t i am losing better switch to a longsword play reactive and spam r1.r1.r2 combo with broken r2 hitbox that has more range than a pike
also dont forget to put caestus off hand too lol gotta parry spam that

every *** in an arena group match.
Lol you can't beat r1/parry spams? Geez, yeah I'd be salty too.
It's called strategy. It may be cheesy, but if they get you with it, you can't argue the results.
Cry More
lothric knight sword is the top tier straight sword now
For a Dex build or 27/40+ quality with sharp or a pyro build with dark, yes. Tiers are lame. There are a lot of ways to build.
So sad there's no Silver Knight Straight Swords in this game....was amazing in DS1
Why do the requirements and scaling switch places halfway down the page
So I'm running a faith build right now and have damage question. If I take my straight sword and imbue with lightning I get an AR of about 470, but if I imbue with Blessed I get an AR of about 390.
Now because the lightning is technically "Split" damage would blessed do more actual Damage?
I'm thinking all around for both PvP and PvE.

Thanks guys =)
Lightning can do chip damage through shields. I assume you mean infuse. You should just go for a Sunlight Straight Sword late game and cast weapon buffs on it or the WA when you get opportunities. Lothric Knight Great Sword, Dragonslayers Ax, and Drakeblood Greatsword are all good raw and buffed, LKHS can also be heavy and buffed if you're getting g Str to 27. For a regular straight sword infused, I would recommend getting Lightning for PvP if you do t want to use a buff.
Short answer, yes blessed is as good as lightning in general use at high fth. Lightning is good for chip damage through shields and when physical damage isn't doing great against those big, burlytypes. I'd get both and switch as needed.It depends on the opponents defenses and absorption. LKS does slash damage, slash is resisted by most armors, so blessed can be somewhat mitigated at times.
whats a weapon that looks like soulbrandt from demons souls?
Hi, which straight sword is best for a general strength build to one hand with? (sword and shield) and the reason for it being the best, thanks.
broadsword: scales well heavy infused and good roll catch with r1 r1 r2.
dark sword: good scaling heavy infused decent combo with roll catch r1 r1 r2 r2 also has stomp WA
longsword: works well with literally any build and has low stat requirements
Now if they could just nerf the crazy phantom range and that stance that for some reasons has perseverance in it while nothing says it...
Stomps description clearly says it increases poise and all WAs are more poisey than R2s. Stance is behaving like any other WA resetting poise health to 100%.
Probably means the damage reduction. While in stance you take less damage and have hyper armor. Which is pretty dumb for a SS. But that WA is slow enough to not really matter.
I think the Firelink coiled sword would be better as a Straight Sword instead of a GS. Just make it the longest/slowest straight sword.
Long and slow straight sword is basically and great sword...