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Another bug: I actually got around to this quest early but didn't "pick up" Peeper following me until I was about ready to leave for the Nameless Isle. Second-to-last thing to do in the zone at all. For some reason, Peeper is here, Magicockerel is here, but Magicockerel is not recognising that Peeper is here. I managed to find a fix for this - use a teleporter pyramid. Set one down, teleport back to the ship, then to the Dunes, then back to the pyramid, and Magicockerel will realise his voidling son is sitting there.
Just kill the damn thing or else you end up in the most pointlessly annoying & longest fight in the game, as each voidwoken chick can spawn another, I went from having 1 left to 15 & if you don't kill them all instantly, after a few turns have passed, it all starts again...infuriating
Peeper had a disturbing voice so I killed it 2 minutes later. No regrets.
***** you bro i wept for peeper the entire time
Oops. I just saw dead hens and a creepy chick turning into a monster. I felt bad about it, but for everyone's sake, including Peepers' I killed the poor chick. I REALLY wish Spirit Vision could just be a passive "always on" ability. I keep forgetting to activate it every 60 seconds as I'm adventuring.
You can with a model called Infinite Spirit Vision, you'll lose your achievements but it helps immensely with story and atmosphere.
With the right mods, everything goes. To my bad luck I delivered the egg, saved Maister Siva and returned to the hen (because the journal entry said so), I don't even have the Spirit Vision yet and the little devil already hatched and thinks I'm his mama, that sucks.
The bug with him being stuck in the Hall of Echoes seems to be fixed, the little sucker held onto me, like I've been owning him some money. To the HoE and back with no problems.
So small work around....when I save and then reload, pepper will re-appear if he disappears
I was doing this quest and running past the hanging place (where you meet Maister Siva), there's the spirit of a hung Lizard Magister, Zusan, she reveals, that she was in love with Magister Borris and they were kinda responsible for the death of Bishop Alexandar, because of that (as a punishment) Borris was transferred for duty at Fort Joy. Strange, because during the court with Magister Atusa, Borris with pretty much alive Alexandar were both present there as well. And Alexandar couldn't be an undead at that time, his entourage in the small harbor later can cast healing spells on him, if you let them do so. I get, that they tried something like a sad story, or stuff, but clearly overlooked Alexandar's presence in Fort Joy.
I'm the same anonymous person from yesterday, just adding, the bug with little Peeper being stuck in the Hall of Echoes seems to be fixed at least in DefEd, I had no problems getting him there with me and then back, the little sucker held onto me the whole time like I've owed him some money, or what. XD