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gloves of the faithful from behind arx cathedral lucy statue entrance. too many onlookers to steal from stealth, so pop a chameleon cloak.
this list is incredibly outdated, missing many items, and many more have incorrect information.
Why isn’t the Black Ring Blade listed? It grows with Strength
For the robber barons out there, here I are 3 items I don't see on the item list. Gloves of Acquisition (+2 Thiervery) - Get from Dashing June outside Black Bull Tavern. Requires high perception to catch her picking your pocket and then you need to do the dialog that talks about Fort Joy and Butter. The Pryde of Price (dagger with +1 Thievery) - A bit morbid, but you get this from digging up Gareth's dead father. Top tip, wait until Gareth has left the area to do this. Racht Murova (chest piece with +1 Thievery) - Don't remember where I got this. Might be time for another play through. :) These items require Finesse of 12. Keep that in mind. If you get all 3, it is a +4 Thievery bonus, put on a belt with +1 Thievery and max the stat and you get 10 Thievery. Enjoy!
Dumoh Dumora is bugged. It will be invisible and the only way to pick it up is to cast Apportation on the spot where the dog basket used to be. The dagger will then appear in your inventory.