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gloves of the faithful from behind arx cathedral lucy statue entrance. too many onlookers to steal from stealth, so pop a chameleon cloak.
this list is incredibly outdated, missing many items, and many more have incorrect information.
Why isn’t the Black Ring Blade listed? It grows with Strength
For the robber barons out there, here I are 3 items I don't see on the item list. Gloves of Acquisition (+2 Thiervery) - Get from Dashing June outside Black Bull Tavern. Requires high perception to catch her picking your pocket and then you need to do the dialog that talks about Fort Joy and Butter. The Pryde of Price (dagger with +1 Thievery) - A bit morbid, but you get this from digging up Gareth's dead father. Top tip, wait until Gareth has left the area to do this. Racht Murova (chest piece with +1 Thievery) - Don't remember where I got this. Might be time for another play through. :) These items require Finesse of 12. Keep that in mind. If you get all 3, it is a +4 Thievery bonus, put on a belt with +1 Thievery and max the stat and you get 10 Thievery. Enjoy!
Racht Murova is from the scoundrel book vendor in the Tavern in act 2. Hes a dwarf that guards the entrance to the stairs leading down to the arena.
Dumoh Dumora is bugged. It will be invisible and the only way to pick it up is to cast Apportation on the spot where the dog basket used to be. The dagger will then appear in your inventory.
Dumoh Dumora was not bugged for me. You just had move the dog basket out of the way with a STR char.
Ave Layal (L19 Gloves req. 14 Finesse): +5 INT +2 CON +2 WIT +2 Necro + 6 INI immune to silence Skill: silencing stare Where to find: Arx in the chest behind the owl-mistress Aoife (137:258)
Luronta Temva (L18 Leg Armor req. 14 STR): +2 STR +2 FIN +2 INT +2 CON +2 AERO +1 TELE + 0,2 Movement Skill: Superconductor - Where to find: Trader Keyren (at some later point in Arx)
Is it even possible to get Sacore Evdek? After completing Jahan's questline on my last playthrough I killed the caged demons and got nothing from them. Is there a specific point you need to kill it to loot it?
Ok this time I killed the demon BEFORE doing the quest line and was able to loot the mace. Started a conversation with Jahan with one of my toons, then teleported that toon down to the river so Jahan would follow down, restarted the conversation with him to keep him down there, then used Deploy Mass Traps on my pyromancer to 1 hit the demons WITHOUT opening the cage, as opening the cage would engage Jahan no matter how far i would move him.
Stats for it are: Level 13, requires 12 Strength, 6-7 Fire Damage + 53-56 Physical Damage, 10% Crit Chance, 210% Crit Damage, +2 Str +1 Int +1 Con +1 Necro, 10% chance to set Burning for 1 turn, +25% Cleave Damage, +20% Accuracy and a Socket. Grants the skill Death Wish. (of note that it does NOT give the skill All In like most 2handers)
Ornate Dagger is not pickpocketed from Zharrah, it has to be stolen from the image of the Red Princess while she is still in the bed. Which you can only do if you use The Red Prince to sleep with the prostitute, then sneak in and steal it with another character. (which you would be sacrificing the xp from the ambush for)