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It would be nice if it was clearer that Io's memories and no memories are 2 different ending since ps4 hidden triphy is "All endings" there is 4 not 3
to get 4th hidden ending u need do everything for best ending but DO NOT RESTORE IO vestiges. Do it after u defeat last boss



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To Eternity is a frustrating ending to get. On a single boss, I killed it before getting all of the vestiges, not realizing they were needed before the boss. Going this path both cheats you out of getting all of the Codes from all of the bosses, as well as the Code for saving all of the bosses. It's lose-lose.
Funny, I got it completely by accident through my sheer desire to explore everything before getting to a boss. I stumbled into this ending completely by accident
Fun fact you need to do multiple runs to get all the blood codes anyways
Most "best" ending in games require a thorough exploration. If you did, then you would get it no problem. Rushing through the story is the best way to say "i don't care about what ending I get".
What happens if you go through the game, but don’t restore your own memory


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Please reply to me, commented before making an account
You just skip out on the Queen's Knight boss, an extra blood code, items, and 3 mistles.
You can still get the good ending even if you skip your entire Memory dungeon, just tested it myself. Just make sure you satisfy all the other requirements.


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What happens if you don’t restore your own memory? If you just skip over that whole area?
Nothing really, it just gives you some cool gifts
i read you can get both dweller in the dark endings in one play through. How can I get them?
1) restore all successor vestiges 2) gather all Eos vestiges WITHOUT restoring them 3) defeat the final boss 4) load game after being sent to the main menu 5) turn around and head back to the last attendant of the relics, then restore eos vestiges 6) beat boss again and ur done
On my first playthrough I met every single criteria for Dweller, but I forgot to restore the second successor cus I didn't even realize that was a mechanic at the time. I thought the game just decided they weren't going to come back for some reason. AAAAAA
Literally did the exact same thing. F you Nicola you hidden fragment loser
It's better than getting the secret ending then playing the game 4 times in total to get Determiner of Fate.
This is beautiful. Every comment that failed to get dweller curses Nikola (me to BTW)
same with nikola for me, i knew about the restoring thing, but couldn't find the vestage until i watched a guide, they REALLY hid the fione vestages like true pricks, i'm ok with it tho as i want all endings and idc for the order.
I almost screwed it up with Emily, after realizing I got no option to restore her memory, I freaked out. Good thing that the game didn't save the progress during the memory walkthrough, so I quitted the game, found the rest of the vestiges and restarted the fight. Glad that she wasn't that hard to beat.
Did the same thing. Forgot Nicola, then on, NG+ waa rushing through to get to him, and forgot to do Isis in the process..
I realized that I didn’t have the option to restore Nikola’s memory when I got to him but thought nothing of it and now I’m regretting it because I restored literally everyone else’s ;-;
Are you able to get the ‘normal’ Dwellers in the Dark ending in a new game plus if your first play-through was the ‘perfect’ Dwellers in the Dark?
Yes, as long as you don't restore any of the Eos vestiges, you'll get the regular Dwellers in the Dark ending. Not many people know this, but you can get both Dweller in the Dark endings in one playthrough. Kill the final boss but don't restore the Eos vestiges and then view the normal DITD ending. After that, you will be back at the base. Then just go back to the final area but this time, restore ALL of the Eos vestiges and then fight it again.
Ok, thank you. I wasn’t sure if they were ‘auto-restored’ like the successor vestiges in subsequent play-throughs.
Do you need to play ng+ to get determiner of fate trophy? I play 4 character to get each ending, but i still cant get the trophy.
You must get all 4 endings with one character. Won't work if you play with multiple
Apparently the extra scene with io during the good ending also counts as ending.
Dweller in the Dark isn't 100% accurate. You don't NEED to restore the vestiges, just collecting them is enough to release the petrified successors.
No. You have to restore them. I couldn't bring Nikola back because I hadn't viewed the vestige yet.
This is true. I found this myself when aiming for the neutral ending, still collecting all the vestiges I cam across, and tested it out since there wouldn't be a penalty for bringing back more than one successor as long as I didn't bring them all back. People arguing it either missed a vestige, or are bugged. Most people say they missed out on Nikola, likely because the first vestige in his area is hidden well and most people miss it.
you dont need to restore them on new game plus if u restored them on a previous playthrough since there already restored but u still need the vestige in your inventory (you need to pick them up again).
So many downvotes, yet this is true. You don't NEED to restore the vestiges, just finding them is enough. This is true even on a first playthrough. It's sad how ignorant and pathetic people are.
this is *****ed