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this game is a true masterpiece
Missing on Main Character after helping the Board and Sophia Akande, while being dumb and answering that you want Purpleberry Munch: After you rescued her in Tartarus, Sophia Akande offered you any reward you could imagine. Power. Wealth. Influence. However, you were more interested in the simple pleasures in life -- like the smooth, artificially enhanced flavor of a Rizzo's Purpleberry Munch. Rizzo's Purpleberry Munch -- the only snack in Halcyon officially endorsed by the Captain of the Unreliable.
Weird that there wasn't any mention at all of Dr. Eva Chartrand's contributions if you enlist her help at the end of the Sublight quest.
What is the ending for choosing Zora and destroyed MSI? Additionally, for Lilya, if you only complete her first quest. In the board ending, she and her company will remain as a powerhouse under the board (along those lines, I can't remember the exact words).
Just finished the game and there's missing info for Sublight and Lilya Hagan, and if you complete the Sublight questline Liyla becomes the (SPOILERS).............Savior of Humanity and Sublight becomes very profitable and transparent, blurring the lines between legal and criminal for the colony.