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this game is a true masterpiece
Missing on Main Character after helping the Board and Sophia Akande, while being dumb and answering that you want Purpleberry Munch: After you rescued her in Tartarus, Sophia Akande offered you any reward you could imagine. Power. Wealth. Influence. However, you were more interested in the simple pleasures in life -- like the smooth, artificially enhanced flavor of a Rizzo's Purpleberry Munch. Rizzo's Purpleberry Munch -- the only snack in Halcyon officially endorsed by the Captain of the Unreliable.
Weird that there wasn't any mention at all of Dr. Eva Chartrand's contributions if you enlist her help at the end of the Sublight quest.
I thought so too, I looked for it as well, nothing, oddly absent
What is the ending for choosing Zora and destroyed MSI? Additionally, for Lilya, if you only complete her first quest. In the board ending, she and her company will remain as a powerhouse under the board (along those lines, I can't remember the exact words).
Just finished the game and there's missing info for Sublight and Lilya Hagan, and if you complete the Sublight questline Liyla becomes the (SPOILERS).............Savior of Humanity and Sublight becomes very profitable and transparent, blurring the lines between legal and criminal for the colony.
A little letdown on the endings. The game was fine. But it felt unfinished. It also suffered from a very apparent lack of a challenge on hard difficulty. I never used consumables aside from medical, and I had hundreds of medical supplies and ~2k consumables by the end of the game. I feel like a more meaningful crafting and Itemization system was intended. I feel like it was meant to be as advanced, or more advanced than Fallout Series games. But they never got there, and wrapped it up quickly. Reminds me of playing KOTOR II -- It is a nice little package, that obviously has significant cuts to the intended story and systems to make deadlines. Still good, but with rough edges where they plastered over holes in content.
"Be a grey cardinal" ... What?
If you pass the persuasion check with Rockwell on the Welles ending, you can rule Halcyon from the shadows while Rockwell serves as the face of the changes you’re making.
The sheer number of Obsidian fanboys praising this game online as "the next New Vegas" is just astounding. LOOK at this web page. This "roleplaying game" that was touted in its own ads as letting you play whatever sort of character you want, only has two real endings, and a joke ending. That's it. Obsidian, the company whose fans love to fellate them for such "incredible writing", has created a roleplaying game where your only two choices are rebel hero, and corporate stooge. Christ, even Fallout 4 had more roleplaying/story options than this.
This is a relatively low budget game, and honestly, it's still a pretty enjoyable experience. Hell, even The Witcher 3 which is praised by people as one of the best recent RPG's ever made has 3 endings with lots of mini end game states. New Vegas had 4 main endings as well (sure, it had an incredible amount of mini endings depending on how you did throughout the game, but The Outer Worlds is definitely a smaller scale version of that) It's not a perfect game by any means, but it does have that Obsidian flavor, even if it's not a big game like NV was.
ok todd, calm down, just because fallout 76 is crap doesn't mean you have to be salty about tOW.
How may *****ing endings do you want? Do you not see all the different variations?
I've played far FAR worse "rpg" games so imo it's good but I also got it on sale 50% off. Had I payed full price I might be disappointed due to the short main quest and the more annoying bugs like frames dropping if you spend more than 30 seconds rummaging through a bin or browsing a vendor menu. It also irritates me that several of my companions are apparently made of glass so despite thousands of bits on Armor upgrades and guns Parvati, Max and Felix may as well be naked soon as you step foot outside the damn ship. This could have been done way better but it's not the worst game to soend 30 bucks on. I've yet to find the worst game to spend 30 bucks on but if I had to guess I'd say BDO standard if you're online and Greedfall if you're solo. Greedfall is 60% off RN though on PS Store so now's not a bad time to figure out how awful it is.
Meh, game could have been better.
Well there's no accounting for taste
How about the ending where you kill everyone?