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This is also the best weapon for infusions IMO, but I think it's a fact. Chaos and dark get C C A A scaling. Lightning, blessed and crystal all get S scaling. So being a mage makes this a good choice if you are willing to pump some points in dex. But I really don't think the weapon is overpowered. It's not that impressive as a raw weapon, and it is out classed by tons of other weapons on strength, dex and quality builds. It can be effective with the ring combos mentioned, but honestly I almost never see people using it in PvP. I sometimes use it against people that turtle up to break their guard, but then switch to a dagger for the critical hit. I do love this sword as it can be obtained so early on and can be farmed in bulk as it's a very common drop. But even for new characters that plan on doing a high dex build, I think there are several other better options. I really do not see how you can call this an overpowered weapon in the DS universe.
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Totally, people that constantly get beat by this weapon in PvP and cannot figure out a way to counter and overcome, should not be playing the game, or at the very least should not play PvP. Seriously, how are you all such whiny little girls. Git Gud at the game or get lost.
Hahaha stop breathing. The words of someone that has failed to git gud for a really long time. The lothric sword is awesome, favorite weapon in the entire game, although the millwood axe is a close second. But the lothric sword is a mage's best friend with infusions. But yeah on it's own I do not think it's a very impressive weapon in PvP. The Astora greatsword matches the infusions with the same scaling, but it's too heavy for my pyro. In PvE it's the weapon I use the most.
Does the red eyed blue Lothric knight have an increased chance of dropping it? In 4 of my 6 playthroughs he dropped it with the refined gem, though it was probably just a coincidence.
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This thing simply doesn't have downsides that aren't inherent to the weapon class. It's a good weapon, but the lack of niche will keep it from being the "objective best" at much anything. Other than that, if you died to a SS user, stop using a slow weapon. That's why they whoop you lol. Happens to me almost constantly. Beat their range and play aggressive so they are always low on stamina.


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The PvP revolves around passivity. Playing aggressive is the easiest way to lose to a reactive player.
By far my favorite PvE weapon, but in PvP I have not had a lot of success with it.
People that constantly get beat by this weapon in PvP and cannot figure out a way to counter and overcome, should not be playing the game, or at the very least should not play PvP. Seriously, how are you all such whiny little girls. Git Gud at the game or get lost. DS is simply not for everyone.
I could not agree with you more mate. Yeah I do not like it when players act like Aholes for just the sake of being Aholes, but it's just part of the game. And think about it, a lot of these players might be young kids in their early teens, of course they are going to bully. So you got beat by someone that uses a straight sword and only that same weapon. How is it possible that you are that bad that you cannot figure out a way to beat him? It's mind boggling to me.
Learn to parry and equip a chaos dagger for the riposte. No one will use this sword against you again. It took a lot of humiliating defeats, but I don't get beat by this weapon anymore at least. Also, in 2019, I rarely see people using it in PvP anymore. It's really good against noobs that try to turtle up, but otherwise everyone mainly uses heavy strength based weapons. I play on the PC, so I can't speak for PS and Xbox users.
Guys this just sounds like a typical invader. Such it's a punk thing to do, but if you can't figure out a way to beat him, it's you that need to get better at the game. He's not cheating, he just beats you. Figure out a way to counter his strategy and beat him. Otherwise, stop complaining that you are not good. If that's the only weapon he uses and you still can't figure out how to beat him and all you can do is whine about it, you need to take a long look at yourself. Not just in this game.
Whining about people who are whining is certainly going to solve the problems at hand. Go on, continue
I was actually trying to motivate people work harder to get better. I don't really see that as being a problem, but rather a solution. I had a lot of problems beating some of the bosses and some of the end game enemies when I first started playing, but I figured it out. I'm also not particularly great at PvP play. But I learned to adapt and overcome certain people that kept invading me using the same tactics over and over, so that it is not longer a problem. I use this mentality in my normal life as well, and it's done me pretty well. It's called problem solving, critical thinking. It's pretty important when it comes to progress and personal development. I think you will find it rewarding if you try. But please continue.
Well put sir. This is what I've been trying to tell my children for years. And I never thought I would be the type of person that complains about the youth but I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you mate, but this is just how the kids are now. My son got his drink spit in during school lunch and they held a parent teacher conference and made my son and the other boy have 3 months of therapy with a school psychologist. I can't even make this crap up. God forbid they actually have to face a challenge. It is what it is. I used to get beat in PvP with this sword a lot at first and then mocked, so I decided to practice parrying on Lothric knights. After a few days no one beat me with this sword again. That would be my advice to help people that feel this weapon should be nerfed, just practice and get better at the game. YOu will be well rewarded.
Exactly, that's all I was trying to say. Instead of getting upset about a single Ahole invader, git gud at the game. Try new weapons and tactics. Then you will be able to post your victories over him on the same sites that he posts on, if you really feel the need for such revenge. That said, I have never in my life, out of all the games I have played, seen people with such anger. I guess age has caught up to me as well, I just don't take video games that serious anymore. I'm solely an RPG gal
I did not know that the LKS was even in the meta right now. I don't see people using it in PvP at all for all the reasons mentioned here but I disagree with the statement that this weapon should be nerfed. It's the best weapon in the game for infusions because of the scaling and DPS but it's not like crazy OP imo. I'm surprised this is even a topic for discussion as I never saw this as a problem
Another good spot to get good at parrying this sword is at the lothric castle bonfire. The knight that begins walking away can be killed over and over very quickly to farm the sunlight medals. But this knight is also scaled up to fit the area, so you can parry and riposte him a couple of times for more of a challenge, and you can get better that way. You can mix it up, use the hornet ring and get in the habit of having the chaos dagger as a second weapon for the riposte, you can get good with practice. Also this knight can drop the large shards, chunks, and embers, plus a good amount of souls if you have the right gear. So you can git really gud.
Trying learning to parry guys. A good place to learn is in the area near the first boss and where you later fight the dancer. There are a lot of lothric knights patrolling the area. Kill the one with the spear first to get him out of the way and then you get fight the ones wielding this sword one at a time. I recommend using the Caestus. But the buckler, target shield (my favorite) or the small leather shield if you don't have the stats for the others. These shields have some extended parry frames so it makes it a little easier. But the Caestus only weighs 0.5 and if you bless it you can get some health back in the process. It's funny, whenever I take my Caestus out people usually equip another weapon. A lot of people seem to play a bit trashy these days, but this will help you turn the tide. Hope this helps.
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That is a legit complaint. If the invader or invadee is intentionally using lag to win in PvP then that is just straight up cheating and hopefully they will get banned in time, but I know that's probably just wishful thinking. I can only speak to the Xbox community that we have a pretty good system for reporting this kind of abuse and gamers are being warned and punished for this abuse in some cases. I'm totally on broad with calling that kind of behavior.
I will concede that the last poster makes the only real legit complaint about this weapon, or any weapon for that matter in PvP, and that is the intentional use of lag to win against other players. If you do this, you should be banned from PvP, plain and simple. Although when I think of this I hear the voice of HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic when he says: "Cheating seems to be a relevant term only when one is caught in the act. Otherwise it is viewed as intelligence, no?" Hahaha, I love that game and that character, sounds like something Hunter S. Thompson would say, definitely was part of his philosophy
so basically people with a bad connection shouzld be banned from pvp for "lag abuse"? It's ofte not their fault their connection is so*****ty that they get phantom range, and i be honest, i nce dueled my friend who is better in pvp then me, and had extreme phantom hitbox, but i still killed him quite easily
You did not read what I said clearly. I said people that intentionally use lag as a way to cheat. "Intentional." I'll try to use an example. Like if I tripped while walking and accidentally knocked you over, as long as everyone saw it as a mistake and I did not have a history of aggressive behavior, there should be no problem. However, if I intentionally used my fist to break bones in your face, and then in court the prosecuting attorney was able to establish a history of violence and/or damages consistent with intent, I would be banned from society for a period of time.
I love this sword, my absolute favorite all round weapon in the game. It's not a great raw weapon, but sharp or refined is great, and it's my go to for any scaling elemental infusion. It gets CCAA scaling with dark and chaos, and S scaling for faith I believe as well. I use it in PvP as well to break guards from heavy shields. But as stated, against good players you're going to get parried all day long, so I always have a backup.