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I stole his bit batch or whatever he had saved up. Completed the quest and now I can't do anything with it? It says it's money hmm
If you lie to Caleb about Velma losing her job, you can tell her you did and she seems surprised he would go back to work to save it for her. Seems the better RP aspect of the mission though less profitable.
Accidentally stole his stash before getting the quest. Even though Ive hacked Velma's terminal, I still cant do anything besides forcing Herrick to return to work without a raise. Make sure you avoid that stash if you want a good ending!
Doing this mission one of Velma's ways always gives more reputation that doing it one of Caleb's ways, just FYI
You can also use Persuade (100) to get Velma to pay the workers more.
What happens if you have neither the perception nor the lockpicking required for this quest?
I got 10,500xp instead of 11,250 and 14000 for completing the quest. Why is that?