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I kinda feel bad for killing people with it, but I always carry one around as a backup to kill casters and cheesy dagger users. Works wonders
you’re right. LKS helped get through most of the story and it’s an elegant weapon
Ok this sword is good. I get that. But I'm just trying to find diamonds in minecraft.
There's a pickaxe you can use, it's literally called the pickaxe.
Try digging straight down. You'll find something eventually.
If you are feeling a bit magical try using Heysel Pick, it glows that tealish light blue just like the color of diamonds so that must mean it has diamond affinity which must means it can find you more diamonds.
Want some diamonds? *Lifts shirt up* -- Myazaki.
There’s this dude on Xbox 1 named postwarmage. This is the only weapon he uses, he invades pve players and points down at them. Then he throws stalk dung pies and records it and posts it in 8-9 different clubs, this dude is cancer yo... I hope you read this so I can anonymously tell you git gud you filthy casual
I’ve never fought him but I just see his clips constantly in my feed posted to 10 clubs, it made me quit ds3
PostwarMage28 spam him messages
Congratulations, you just described 90% of the invaders in the Dark Souls community. They invade PvE players, ***** with them, point down when they manage to kill them through abusing mob enemie- err, "skill" through skill, then ***** off to the next under-prepared, non-PvE player to get their jollies off of. These are the people who can't take on PvP builds, not matter how hard they work at it, because they just aren't that good. So they target newcomers and players who don't consider PvP when choosing gear.
Attempting to start a witch hunt and doxing someone because you dont like how they play the game makes you a *****
I’ve had him blocked for a while he’s cancer
@the anon from 4/20/19: Random 3rd party here, in THIS specific context i can't really agree with you. First I'd like to address you equating griefing with a playstyle. Saying "it's just how they play" just isn't a valid counter in any argument... Moving on to the rest of what you said. Worst case scenario the guy has to make a new online profile. Easiest way to handle it would be to block messages from strangers... I don't think, considering that and the fact that this guy is documented to have repeatedly griefed people, that "doxxing" him is a bad punishment since, at most, his messages will just get deleted by moderation. Also, on the matter of doxxing, is this doxxing? Having someone's online id is nothing, it just tells their country and messages and ids can be easily blocked.
I'd say that guy is pretty damn good if he buttblasted so many people and so hard that they went on to spread his fame. I hope you continue doing what you're doing, because if I was him, I'd get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever someone messaged me just to tell me to kill myself.
Wow this comment alone is petty as he|| are you serious you guys sound like little four year olds complaining to their moms that a bully at school hurt their feelings
Hey guys this is Postwarmage28 . Love all this salt!! May the flames guide thee!!
Does he only Invade at lower levels cause I've never heard or seen this guy?


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This is postwar, I invade all levels you salty skrubs !! Keep that salt flyin!
So many people are like this it pisses me off when people are *****s for no reason. If youre using unfair strats or ***** hiding like a ***** then I understand a point down but other than that if you point down you deserve a point down
Git gud-ER -- Myazaki.
what does casual mean? like in dark souls, not the actual english definition. I'm guessing it's negative.
Glad you guys like my work. I plan to see you all again very soon.
So he invades you. He uses the same setup every single time. He defeats you and then he posts his victories. That just sounds like, well, invading. It's kind of a big part of all dark souls games. But if this is upsetting you that much, there are ways to combat it. You can play offline when you are doing PvE areas that you find difficult, as there is little reason to be online if you only plan on playing PvE for this period. If you have friends, you can always play with a summon if you can't take him one on one, make sure to carry some seeds with you if he relies mainly on using enemies as shields. You can play briefly unembered in certain areas that he is constantly invading. Or, and I do not mean this as an insult, you can just practice and get better at the game. So the next time I invade you using the same weapons and tactics, you can turn the tables.
sounds autistic af
This is postwar again Just wanted to let you u know i have a small wee wee
Hey this is postwar here, just wanted to let you guys know that my pp is weewee and I can’t ejaculate anymore


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Sorcerers with this sword crystal infused and infinite r1 spam are actually cancer
1. step: parry 2. step: point down
If they are spamming straightsword r1 thats not a sorcerer my guy, its a SCRUB!
Learn to parry with a small shield and R1 spam actually doesn't become a problem. Block the first hit then parry the second, ezpz cancer kill.
This weapon is what killed Daek Souls 3
It's my PvE weapon (w/ Hornet Ring and Llewellyn Shield). If I kill you with it, you probably shouldn't have invaded.
Lmao, id love to invade you one day. I can already see the parry spam.
You'd probably love it less once you realize that I don't spam parries. It only leads to getting hit more often. R1 spam isn't much better.
100% guarantee that you actually suck.
I'll take "s.hit that never happened" for 100.
Oh no I'm so scared! You can rb spam AND parry spam? You must be really good at video games!
Better than you ***** nugget
I completely agree with the OP, git gud or don't invade. It's pretty simple logic.
Lothric Knight Sword +7 receives S scaling on Faith if infused with a blessed gem.
Just realised that this sword is a tribute to Casca's sword!
I keep a modded 9999 damage dagger just to deal with people who use this weapon lol if you wanna r1 spam you get insta-killed
one can’t git gud apparently , how disapointing
Imagine being this salty
A Chaos dagger with hornet ring can already oneshot, and you still modded a dagger to oneshot... The salt is real...
guys don't hate on him he's probably a ganker and gankers make this game fun!
Learn how to parry.
So... you're a cheater. That makes you worse than even the most cancerous player. Please stop playing all multiplayer games forever. You make the world a worse place.
Sharp Lothric sword +10 only has A scaling on dex, but the wiki claims it has S scaling?
It must be +10 in order to receive S scaling.