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i tried to save the girl but couldn't maybe using the red jeweled brooch on the altar of despair and her mum revived and everyone was happy . maybe using the red messenger ribbon will have a similar effect?
AFAIK the Queenly flesh you get from killing Annalise is the only item that can be used at the altar. Viola is already dead when we find her but Annalise is alive and needs to be killed in order to drop the flesh.
It's very unlikely Henryk is related by blood to either Gascoigne or his wife. Henryk is black, whereas Viola, Gascoigne and the presumable older daughter are white. (You never see the little girl from the beginning, but considering her family she must be white as well. )
Considering how good Henryk and Gascgoine's friendship is, it's likely she considers him to her grandfather, if only by fondness rather than genetics. At least that's my head canon.
Have you actually seen Viola or the young girl? Viola could be black or half black. Getting with Gascoigne would yield a daughter who’s at the very least an eighth black. Unless you’ve seen them, your assumption that they’re all white is pure speculation.
How could she, both of her parents were white considering you can see both father gasoline and his wife in the same exact area
You find the corpse of Viola right off a ledge before the gate that leads to Cathedral Ward and she is most definitely white. It's EXTREMELY unlikely that Henryk is related to their family by blood.
"Even if you withhold information she (presumably) still dies". HEY ***** YOU MAN, stop *****ing with my head cannon you bastard



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If you don't want them dead, don't start the questline. Not even one dialogue line. Avoid that window like a Winter Lantern. It's the only "solution" that doesn't give the pig a blood ribbon at any point in the game or turn her into a celestial. What happens then is anyone's guess, but headcanon is way preferable to any of the alternatives.
Yeah, I choose to believe she eventually gets too tired to stay up and goes to bed.
Every time i stand in front of that window i realize how *****ing much i hate that Pig and punch the living***** out of it with my magical Boxinggloves called Kosparasite. -Leotox
Hey you shouldn't use a picture of the blood moon for this article. Since people most likely will see or at least start this quest before it happens. You're spoiling for no reason
I'd say not to just because it's not relevant to the quest. But if you're on the wiki you're asking for spoilers. Lol
Why does this article say the player kills both parents? At what point in the game does the player kill Viola?
You dont. Gascoigne kills her. You kill Gascoigne, her father
It's just badly worded. It's saying you told her they were both killed.
Hey btw the dialogue section on this wiki is incomplete, if you accept her quest then come back after advancing the night she says the following: "Mum, come home..." "I'm alone...I'm scared" "It's not fair..."
There is a man speaking instead he says to go to the ancient shrouded church hidden to the right of the main cathedral and that the god head will grant me strength.
If you go there and let yourself get grabbed you will die, but if you go there after defeating rom and get grabbed, you will go to a secret zone
First comment isn't true. The tonsil stone is needed to be transported to the lecture building via the amygdala in the church leading to yahar'gul (all you'll see if your insight is low is the portal it summons), and the character who gave the stone to you will replace the first window npc you internet with after the game transitions to night. Going back to the window later will make the original npc return.
that would be Patches, he sometimes drops in where other NPCs are and lingers for a bit, reloading should fix it if you need him gone.
If you talk to her, it shows that in a world of chaotic blood lust that there is still empathy, residing in at least one hunter. If you avoid her, you're still ridding the areas of blood thirsty beasts being her silent guardian. Either way the "gods" are still watching a selfless act coming from a killer. Either way, the hunter would fight to save at least one little girl.