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Should be added that you need to exhaust Hawkwood's dialogue for him to invade in Farron Keep. I'm in NG+3 and killed Yoel as soon as I saw him and then went straight to Farron Keep and turned to the right where he should invade, but he did not. Teleported to Farron Keep again and even walked all the way through the Basilisk area until I reached the Keep Ruins bonfire, but no Paleshade. Googled it and found a post of someone having the same problem but talking to Hawkwood fixed it and I can confirm it did.
you need to use the 5 yoel Level Ups and then kill him
then when yuria appears kill yuria
I didn't talk to Hawkwood once this playthrough and he invaded me. Odd.
For the Pontiff boss, I summoned the guy then died in the fight, then the summon sign didn't appear again so like can you only summon him once or something?
No. I summoned this one at least three times for the Abyss fight. Make sure you are embered


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"Note: if you use the gesture Darkmoon Loyalty, you will receive Duel Bow right afterwards." What does that mean? I need the Duel Bow
Perhaps if he invades you.
Summon him > send him home > come back to save Anri > get invaded
Would this alternate approach work for getting both equipment and gesture in one go: Summon Londor Pale Shade at Abyss Watchers to get the Duel Bow gesture, but do NOT beat the Abyss Watchers. Then go aggro Yuria and get invaded twice by Londor Pale Shade to get the equipment. After that, you can either absolve your sins to continue with Yuria's other stuff, or not.
Just following up that I did this on my last run and it did work. I have not yet had to absolve my sins, and I got both the gesture and the equipment in this run. Of course, if I want to continue on to the other parts of Yuria's quests, then I'd still have to absolve my sins.
Hey, right now im on the yorksha bonfire to confront sulyvhan, who desires the gottard gesture and the pale shade gesture come right now to the yorksha bonfire, Im sl 130.
Im gonna summon them both
Cannot summon in Farron Keep if Black Hand Gottard is present (And vice versa)
try dried finger
i *****ing hate the requirement about npcs that they can be triggered before some bosses. For example if you forget about only that invasion before abyss watchers you need to play the whole game again for loot. It's really annoying
Is it a guy or a girl?
Many people (including the info on this page) have said you can get this set and do Yuria's questline by aggroing her and then paying for absolution. I did this exactly as it says on this page. Aggro Yuria and kill pale shade in farron keep, pay to get her happy again, then aggro her again and kill pale shade the second time, and pay to get her cool with you again. I did this all before pontiff. I then summoned pale shade for pontiff as I was told that is also key to make this trick work. Pale Shade survived the boss fight and everything went down the way I was told to expect. However, the set never showed up. Does anyone know if this was patched as of 2019? I have also watched videos of people doing this, but the one thing I have noticed in all the videos I have seen where people picked up the set, is that Yuria was no longer present in Firelink when they got the set. I have not seen a single video where someone does the method described and still had Yuria at the shrine when they got the set. So for me, this seems to be a inconclusive and based on conjecture. Anyone have any insight into this? Thank you in advance for your time.
Never mind. I found a video that I thought was a total waste of time at first, but it worked finally. I'm prevented from putting up the link on here, but you can find it if you search youtube for "Dark Souls III - Detailed instructions for Pale Shade Londor set with boss summon." I have no idea why it did not work the other two times I tried, as I did everything exactly as described, but for some reason I needed to do one or two additional things for this to work which is featured in the video. All credit to "Spedding" who created the detailed tutorial on Youtube. Thanks so much for this.