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At least it's not rusted kushala right? OH WAIT A MINUTE!!!!
first tried so ez
yeah right *****
Kushala is more***** than Kirin



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Monster Hunter World. WindProof 5: "Negates minor AND MAJOR wind pressure". Kushala hunt... Gets wind pushed anyway. Useless. In Freedom Unite that skill was the vaccine to Kushala's wind.
You need the Hunting Horn Melody or the Kushala set bonus for its own wind. It's the same rule as Vaal ksakakkkkkkskkkkkkllllkklk, the only remedy for his plague is his own armor.
Not true. Vaal Hazak's miasma effect can be negated with a few jewels.
You can negate the effluvia with either Blight Resistance 3 or Miasma 3.
I want to slaughter these things and their children and their children's children to lightyears beyond whatever is beyond extinction.
It's just a tedious and stupid mutherfacker.
Dont forget his wife
Whoever decided to add its wind aura that just knocks anyone who comes too close back should get fired. This is the most obnoxious monster in the entire game
It has always been like this.. in Freedom Unite it was even worse
this has to many likes. kushala is awsome and, while the wind aura is annoying, whoever made it should not get fired. i think your just whining because you have no freinds and no one to play with. you begged everyone you knew but the all said no. you know why? because you havent tried one thing. the one thing that saved me. shoving flashpods in its eyeballs.
"Hey kid, want some of this CC?"
Best advice I can give is to take rocksteady mantle and as much tool specialist as you can.
Solod this thing with almost every type of weapon and I have had the best results with poisonous hammers. That being said, unless you are killing it to advance story or get parts for the "Fire and Ice" dual blades there is no point in ever fighting it. The armor you get is only useful for fighting it specifically and the ice element from its weapon trees is sub-par at best. You can literally get better gear from fights that are 100% gimmick based like this one is.
I hate the person who designed MR Kushala. Seriously, I never ever have a fun time fighting this monster.