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Gather round kids its story time i remember when i first went through upper cathedral ward i managed to just barely defeat the 2 on the upper floor and i put down the controller after i got the meme contact pose, just to go get a drink then suddenly when i looked back at the TV there was a THIRD BRAINSUCKER RUNNING RIGHT THE ***** AT ME and i NEVER screamed so hard in my *****ing life. (turns out it was the one guarding the blindfold mask) i've been terrified of these guys ever sense
I feel ya. Approached that balcony and started taking on the obvious Brainsucker, then as I was holding my breath trying to time my dodge. A second Brainsucker (the one with the Orphanage key) comes at me and I start dodging for my life towards the ladder. Pass through that door and THAT THIRD BRAINSUCKER just grabs me, goes "feels bad man" then starts stealing my precious insight. God damn do I hate Upper Cathedral Ward.
I watched a speed run before my first time playing so I learned a skip for the sucker part of upper ward. You gotta use a transformed jump attack with the threaded cane through the locked door to hit the sucker that drops the orphanage key. Then, end willing it rushes you, you just kill it through the door.
Took me this *****ing long, and a better quality tv, to realize their skulls have been stitched together.
Whoever made these enemies needs to get their throat kicked in. Everything about them is obnoxious, down to how the most efficient way of dispatching them are tools or the *****ing torch.
This is where we draw the line is it? A grab? Yeah it's obnoxious but that's the point of enemies in a souls like. Whoever made brainsuckers should get a raise for making an enemy that forces people to be more cautious.
@ the other replier, it's not just a grab. It's a prolonged grab that takes 50% of your HP them does that same attack RIGHT after and it's very unlikely you'll not die.
Wow, that's a lot of insight... it wluld be a shame if someone... STOLE IT!!!
i laughed way to much at this hahahah
I believe they're also vulnerable to bloodtinge damage
Ohoh lemme tell ya, ***** THESE LITTLE TENTACLE BASTARDS
enemies like these always make me sad that fromsoft never gives the infinite poise unblockable frame 10 600-dmg grab attack to the player and these lovecraft rejects get to have all the fun with it instead
Hands down one of the creepiest enemies in the game , they always make me nauseous
Brain suckers give me *****ing brain cancer tbh
How can they give you something when they're sucking your brain out of your skull?
My strategy for fighting these guys: quit every time they grab you so they don't steal all your insight. Dodge their spells and try to bait out their grab, which you can parry (although it's kinda risky). It can be easier just to rush them down and smash them repeatedly then retreat when you get to low stamina and repeat.