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'Untouchable' seems to have glitched in my playthrough on PS4. I fought the 'Ent' in a coop session. Sadly, I died but my coop partner finished him off. After that, I got the trophy.
I also got it fighting Singe on Xbox One, and I took plenty of damage. Looks like it was glitched but has been resolved with the recent patch.


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Anyone know if the trophies that require acquiring items can be across several characters?
can some one help me get the assualy rifle on ps4 if so pm me emopunk3377850
did Ixillis solo with no damage taken on nightmare. didn't get the triumph.
apparently it needs to be done in offline and adventure
that's hella stupid. it should work on any. i suppose i'll be doing some adventure mode then...
can confirm that you need to have the world set to offline. although i didnt try it in story mode i believe its only bound to your world being unable for other players to join.
Untouchable can be done by using the lullaby song on the ravager wolf in Yaesha. Confirmed on PC today.