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Can I get a description of how their chirping sounds? I find that there are always like 3 different things chirping in these wildlands, & I don't know what I'm listening for.
Like baby chhcickens.
They sound like baby chickens or ducklings chirping ^-^
I've had this problem too, it's a very high pitched sound that they make a lot. Imagine a bunch of baby chickens, and that's basically it.
Ill hear chirping and turn around and theres nothing there... ive been doing this for days


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If you haven't already, try using the Ghillie Mantle so you have more time to look around. They are so skittish that they often run at about the same time that you spot them.
Sometimes if you turn around to fast they spook. You can’t see them when that happens because A) they’ll always jump off the Aptonoth to the opposite direction of what they were threatened by, and B) They run extremely fast as soon as they touch the ground.
so... this was probably a bug, but i caught 8 of them in 1 mission, i was fighting azure rathalos in that one tunnel-ey area barroth runs to, the one with the mud, not the mud lake, and they were all there running into a wall frantically chirping and trying to escape. azure rathalos wasz kind enough to only slightly burn me to death while i caught them all
Happened for me in WSW where the herbivore eggs are.
caught mine in less than 5 minutes from the apceros in wildspire, there was like 8 of them on top of one of them
same here
What worked for me was chilling in the Wildspire Waste, in the area with the purple flowers. I crouched on the central rock in my Ghillie mantle, looking away from the Apceros, and checking back every minute or so.
They can also be found on the backs of Gastodon in Elder’s Recess
Literally spent weeks trying to find these things. Realised you need to stand quite close to the herd that usually spawn them and turn your back to them with a ghillie mantle on. Done it just this second and will post the clip onto my twitter for people to see what I did
I have posted the clip onto my twitter, with a follow up tweet with the steps if you need them, my twitter handle is @kingstonxxvi or search #DownyCrake
Lifesaver homie,thanks a lot.
I wonder if this method works with the Bristly Crake
Found these birds as I'm going to reload the area, heard their chirping sound and jackpot. Glad that it only took me around 20 minutes.
lucky b*** spent 7 hours, still not even heared one
The easiest way to get them is during the HR 3 quest "Gettin' Yolked in the Waste". Go to the location with the eggs where 3 Apceros are waiting. Put on your ghille mantle and face the wall while crouching(Don't look at the Apceros!). Then you just wait until you start hearing them chirp, which will indicate that they have spawned and can be captured. I recommend you do other stuff while waiting(In real life) since this can take a while depending on your luck, increase the sound on your tv and browse reddit/youtube or something. Alternatively you can just keep switching between ancient forest and wildspire waste and look at the Aptonoth's and Apceros, though I would only recommend this if you have a fast pc. Doing this method on consoles can take forever due to load times. Both methods work, but I recommend the quest method unless your loading times are very short.
Good man, I went to this quest and before I even put my ghillie mantle on there were 5 (FIVE!?!?!) of them on one apceros' back
I can't get this to work at all. I think it's because the stupid *** kulu keeps coming every 2 minutes to steal eggs. after an hour straight of sitting there nothing happened.
dude, thank you so much. At first try, got them waiting and bouncing on the back the apceros on area 1 as soon as I went out of the camp area! (just so you know, I also had Felyne Zoomaster activated)