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I recall there being a ring right after the first room with the silver knights in ng++. Cant remember what one, just that it was the last one i needed.
is there any way to glitch past the irythyll barrier?
You can probably trigger a death cam in the previous zone then run over there, and I remember seeing something about a method with spook.


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No. You have to get the doll from the Cathedral. In previous versions, a couple glitches existed, but they have been long fixed.


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Yorshka looks like a younger version of Pricilla. With the pale skin and the small dragon's tail.
Well, this is the area that finally beat me. Gir gud or whatever but tired of infinite stamina *****s who don't need line of sight to target or hit me. Stream of fire coming through a 20 foot thick stone wall from a guy 100m a way who can't see me? Check. Beatable? Sure. Cheesy as ***** and breaks all their own rules of fairness? Yep. Git Gud? From Software needs to git gud.
tbh if you think this area is bad good luck with irithyll dungeon that place is atleast 50times more bs than this place it has enemies that can hurt you by looking at you they can block estus recovery and they have weapons that interupt even the highest hyperarmor and causes you to fat roll and if you think thats bs then wait till you get to the on room with like 8 of them
Is there any way you can put the freaking name of the bonfires into the guides instead of just saying "bonfire"? It's very difficult to pick this up if you've put the game down for any length of time and don't remember what all is where.
Another area that showcases how the boss fights of DS3 are the easiest parts of the game. 10+ deaths going through the area, 1 death to Pontiff. First time play through.
way to not put anything about how to get here
you need to defeat pontiff,head up past where he was ,you enter a court yard with two lizards,head left,path splits in two lead to a staircase,go up,5 or so silver knights with great bows covering two or three bridges,after you are on their side,head to left ,down a roof than through a door,head to left to a spinning tower ,it should be in the Up position,hit the lever to bring it down,go up it,at top is a thing in middle that controls what position,use it (it only can be pushed to one side for up or down
Afterwards enjoy the ride up to the place and take some caution due to silver knights
Crossing the Irithyll bridge into the city is a finer moment than first seeing the area after exiting the catacombs imo, the gothic buildings coming closer into view never gets old.