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I'm doing a BSS only run, and I upgraded it with fire because that actually makes it somewhat viable. Unfortunately, Quelaag is completely immune to fire, so I'm only doing 10dmg per hit. This means that I need to hit her 314 times. Frick.
The first boss I beat on the first try. Just slash at the behind during the lava breath and you win.
I'm using basic club +5 (lvl 1 naked) and this boss is giving me many troubles, which weapon is the most efficient? Help
Just be calm and Always look out for what she does , Even if the fight drags out to 10-20 minutes just Stay safe hit her the moment u can and keep your cool u shouldnt get hit if u are cautious
Really easy boss but kind of annoying on NG+, used Man-eater Mildred and she made this fight easier and harder at the same time. I don't know if she's reccomendable but I still ended up beating her on NG+ in 4 tries thankfully
I beat her in one try with as a Sorcerer (never done magic build before). Kept my distance and Great Soul Arrowed her. 35 Int, Lvl 40
Ah, yes. Chaos ***** Quefag.
Just aggroed me the second I walked through the fog. Killed me in 2 lava bursts just like that(snaps fingers). Used my last lightning buff. F*ck this game. I’m out.