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This weapon has been my bread and butter for pve for a while now. Sharp infused +10 buffed with lighting blade and lightening clutch ring, I get 750 AR on this baby with STR25/DEX40/FTH45. Also, this weapon is just really sexy looking.
Names Definition: Cloud Masses
Gathering Clouds might be a better translation.
Exact same moveset as Exile Greatsword, but weaker. Heavy Exile has A str. And Murakumo has S Sharp dex. It won't be stronger than the Exile until you have a quite high dex. This is way slower and shorter foot shuffling than the DS2 Murakumo. Disappointed in its speed and immobility.
Well some don’t want to invest too much into VIT...
Murakumo has higher range, and lighter by almost half
It feels like Alva goes from 30/30, to 40/40, then to 99/99.
Tell me about it. I went back there to get another one since I was stupid and got rid of my original. I'm on NG+8 and went full Havel to deal with him.....bastard two shot me...
what you don't tell people is that the damage types of curved swords results in extreme low damage in pvp. lets say you do 500 against a hollow soldier, you will eventually only deal 220 against another player. and yes tested. Over and over. Problems are armors that are for curved swords like concrete walls. The relativly long time it needs to hit something is another con. Better players will hit you, evade, hit, evade. Or they will just stacker you endlessly. Your only hope is your weapon ability then but if people figured that out too you are lost entirely. And lets not forget the insane amount of stamina GCS's need for each swing. If you don't pay attention to your stamina bar it can happen often that you find yourself unable to dodge because negative stamina if you underrestimate its hunger. I really tried to like these weapons. But I never felt comfortable. Not early nor mid game in pve and not with sl120 in pvp.
The information isn't really useful if you aren't at a meta level, especially if you haven't tested at meta level.
Lol wot? Of course the numbers are gonna be higher in pve, 220 dmg vs another player is good.
Sharp Infusion, +10, 74 Dex, am doing around 450 damage to other players per R1. What kinda stats you using to test this, buddy?
Clearly you don't know how to play right bub. I've seen this thing wreck players between sl120-150 on dex builds and Dex/Faith or Dex/Int builds. Sometimes doing 400+ damage in one hit. I'm in max sl range with 60 in STR, DEX, FTH, INT, on a dark infusion and this thing still hits like a truck even up here
500 damage on pve is too little for a curved greatsword. Either you re using with low strenght and dex (both counts a lot) or you re using them without upgrades
I use this on my faith build put lighting on it 30 dex 20 str 60 faith base over 600 ar and now a old caster can keep up with pvp get them stuck in lightning storm an then get a hit with it most players hp hose below half and this combo I use makes up for the faked she only has like 7.8 poise is I use canves talisman
Have you heard of punctuation?
i didn’t knew there was a free update on Fextralife for poorly translated Dark Souls
Hello. Would someone here be up to trade it or drop?
Just kill Alva at Irithyll-Irithyll Dungeon
in case you duno how to obtaint it, just pop an Ember and go in the entrance of Irithy Dungeon. If you fear being defeated then wait for a sun bros summon sign to help ya out then
Backstabbing her or baiting her into throwing herself off the cliff works too
What platform are you on? I can trade it on Xbox One
It's not hard to get just play normally through the game
BoI DaT WeEb BE TwInKiNg
This things turn and burns are god like.
ROFL, on such outlandish stats, even broken wooden spoon will be a "god-like".
on the next episode of "I am an overleveled phantom ganking nerds"
You all know that 80 dex is a stat sought after by most sharp infused characters? Hell, it is very possible even with 40 vig/end to create such a character on sl120!
and SL 120 is overleveled as *****. You shouldnt ever be higher than SL 90 when finishing the game. The SL 120 meta is completely dumb. At such a high SL builds no longer matter, everyone can turn into a jack of all trades or have unga bunga damage that can insta kill in 1 combo because health is softcapped and no longer balanced. It's *****ing stupid and only a thing because casters want to achieve unbalanced damage while not having to sacrifice something else. SL 120 isnt even attainable in a normal run through of the game - you have to *****ing farm souls for hours. How can someone do this and not think they are overleveling themselves?
@ most recent reply, I'm SL125 on both my characters and one is a 40/40 quality build, one is a faith build. Neither is a jack of all trades by any stretch. If I tried to spread those stats thinner to use more miracles/sorceries/heavier armor, my damage output or survivability would bottom out
Well if you get the Symbol as soon as the Paladin's Ashes (or better yet, High Wall), and the Silver Serpent Ring +3 before Pontiff, reaching sl ~120 at the end of first playthrough won't even involve any farming at all.
It's quick and easy to go SL120 and beyond if you continue playing in NG+. I played with a friend in NG+ and that character is lvl 140 and still gaining new levels fairly quickly because bosses give a ridiculous amount of souls especially if you equip soul increasing gear inbetween the killing blow and soul gain.
if you ask on discord for a max level to red summon him so you kill him , you get enough souls to level from 10 to 100... farming the drakeblood , you get about 3M per hour in NG