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Is there anyway to max this faction I did everything and only ended at 68%
Fully completing the research quest for Anton with at least +1 chr(drink booze if you're at normal level) did it for me.


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did every quest and didn't gain a single negative rep for this corp, i ended up only getting as high as "Friendly". It's the only rep ingame that isn't maxed for me, so i think this corp is suppose to go into more depth in a DLC.
There are not much quests related to this Faction to push it to Revering. To be honest it looks like a lot of stuff have been left out in the game. Finished it in just about 22+ hours, which is short considering FNV took longer than that.



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I also did everything right ( I think) and ended with 67% approval. I think Revering is out of the question for now...maybe in a DLC.
it certainly IS possible to reach 100% approval with maximum charm. i sided with cleo every time and didn't antagonize any of the boys; i avoided all the rapts i could in the research centre and made a double-dose of the aphrodisiac, both of which went to the cleo scientist. will try again on a new profile, but it absolutely CAN reach 100% as of the current patch
verified today. 100% is possible with "very high" charm. i wrote a small guide above.