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You can use this on the fat monk dude when he asks you to make him disappear.
How ?
I’m still wondering where he went tho... still trying to find him
Found him, he’s at the folding monkeys boss fight
unfortunately I already sent him somewhere else, less pleasant



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Check the Kotaro page if you want to know more!
Funny, his wording made me think I had to Mortal Blade him. Was looking all over to stab him. I'm glad I was wrong.
I believe you aren't supposed to kill him. Anayama says something about needing a big guy for collecting things. After you complete his first quest.


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Fun fact, The prosthetic Divine Abduction One-shots the monks from the mountain level. It's an incredibly easy way to farm for gold/drops. Just gather them up, charge the tool and try to hit them all in one AOE.
And miss the fun of puppet monk thunderdome? No thanks!
Does it work on bosses or only minibosses and standard enemies?
All enemies will be turned around but bosses, mini-bosses, and strong enemieswill not be open to a deathblow afterwards.
Also instantly kills the large senpou monk with the large mace like it does the other monks.
I don't think orge is affected but those Taro monk. those big guy(baby?) wielding bell/shield/bat is called 太郎兵(Taro solider) . so I believe those in the temple is called the Taro monk. BTW that guy sit under the tree crying is called 小太郎
This tool set is surprisingly fun, even outside of Senpou Temple. While you can’t kill mini bosses with it, it’s super useful against groups of tougher enemies like Ashina fencers and Ministry shinobi. I find it works best with living weapon, as opposed to the AoE, though. It’s a much faster draw. (And, though technically there’s no Fashion Souls in Sekiro, I must say the maple leaves sticking out of his prosthetic really complete the look.)
This is insanely powerful once you figure out the timing. It can instantly deathblow almost every enemy in the game. This is a one shot kill. It works against every ogre, even the armored ones. Works against every version of rat. Works against Nightjar. Works against most of the red samurai (the ones without the mustache). You can't deathblow purple ninjas and mustache samurai but they still turn around. Mix with empowered mortal draw and you can do massive damage to strong enemies and mini bosses. The golden vortex is great for late game farming too. Probably the easiest way to get fulminated mercury.
The spirit emblem cost of this tool and the double divine abduction should be increased from 3 to 4 to match the Golden Vortex upgrade. The Golden Vortex's ability to drop extra sen and gold provides no combat advantage and the ability of all the upgrades to instantly kill the majority of enemies in the game is incredibly powerful and should be costly and hard to pull off, making it a high risk high reward tool.