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is there a new cheat at work? Get constant "host lost connection" as a blue and then send back ALWAYS shortly before I kill the invader. Happened in swamp area and cathedral.
coop works fine though. it's not a problem of the connection/firewall.
Such an amazing game. Just made it through my first run of the game (no DLC). Loved it



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Finally not a noob commenting how difficult OR easy this game is. Enjoy yourself! :)
lol ng+5 and it still fun
I'm studie.. what does ng+5 mean??
Hacker count is enormous. Doesn't From care anymore?
from has always been bad at this
Sjnort mi shid
Fun fact ----> If you play through all of the trilogy and finish them all you will be left with: A sense of accomplishment ... and a massive hangover.


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massive adderall hangover
Wish this community would get a little less toxic. God I can barely win without getting reported. Then every time I win a few times then the person gets lucky they throw dung pies and point down. These chimps need to go back to fortnite. Can barely play without this happening. Sitting here using a dagger and they think they are hot***** r1 spamming getting 1 out of 6 kills and think they are good enough to throw dung and point down. Scrubs.
i understand what you're saying or at least trying to say I think, but you think that the comment you posted makes the community less toxic? it's just a silly video game mate, something that passes the time. just try to have fun and not take it personally, its a hard game and people can get frustrated.
Lorewise, what exactly is the motivation for the character to even leave firelink? Is there any urgency for him doing anything? Likely just sit with the depressed hawkwood.
he basically has none, he just does it because he is told it's neccessary


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If the player doesn't act the flame will and the world will be plunged into darkness. Technically nothing will happen but lorewise your letting the world endorsing if you want you can push it on a different path


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To die. This world is limbo for them in which they end up crazy/hollow or fulfill their duty and die in peace.