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I purchased all his spells he went mad and when I went to seaths boss arena he was not there and the chest apeard in his place.Wtf happened?
You have to reload the instance without progressing. Easiest way to do this is by reloading the game.
If you don't save him at Sen's Fortress, he won't be in the prison at the duke's Archives
You must let him out of his cell, reload, meet him at the side room next to the room with the stairs that go down and to the yard before the crystal cave, buy everything before you kill seath. After you kill seath light fire but don't sit, homebone to the last fire (mine was the one closest to Logan that hangs over the yard. Go directly to Logan, he will say all sorts of crazy things he doesn't know you. Leave, I went to seaths room and grabbed the big magic ember and the hero soul. Then I went and warped to firelink because he wouldn't leave where he was sitting and so I messed around a minute and got the trophy for magic weapon, warped back went back to downstairs room, he was not sitting there anymore, went up to seaths room he was standing naked in his hat. Had all silence and fog gear merc'd him before he could get a spell off, he dropped dragon breath, his hat, and tin crystallization catalyst, but not his underwear. I still don't have his outfit just his hat. Will reset and see if it pops up in seath's room. Did this in the last 30 minutes no issues whatsoever. I did all his previous steps obviously or he wouldn't have been locked up to start with. -tearlach2
After reloading, again, a 2nd new chest was where he sat and sold stuff with his clothes and Logan's catalyst in it.
Why did you put your name at the end as if anyone was going to recognize you or care?
So if I didn't free him from Sens Fortress before getting the Lordvessel where would he be?
Still in Sen's Fortress. I saved him after placing the Lordvessel
Big fat Logan
Grosser hut logan BIG HAT LOGAN
anyone know why he has that name?
Cause he has a big hat
We'll never know
Because his parents wanted to name him Logan
I believe his parent's (or potentially legally designated guardian's) choice to assign him the title of 'Big Hat' at birth can be attributed to naming traditions that rose to prominence in the United Kingdom during the English renaissance. Said custom entailed that the choice of a baby’s surname was to be made with the intention of ensuring the child grows up to inherit the traits said surname promises- ex: Giving a child the last name 'Smith' with the hopes of them growing up to be a blacksmith. While this practice is long since archaic, its legacy has survived to the modern day, as occupation based names such as Smith, Miller, Hunter, Baker, Mason, and Carter dominate the Western world today. It’s important to note that while the aforementioned naming convention likely originated around the joint Anglo-Saxon occupation of mainland Britain, (which, to put into perspective, directly followed the fall of the Roman Empire) it didn’t become a cultural staple in the region until many centuries later, when a surge in commerce and culture allowed the return of artisan crafts. In reality, the presence of the manor-centric class structure that dominated the European Middle Ages (colloquially known by historians as 'The Dark Ages' or 'The Middle Ages') while at the time necessary for maintaining a form of social order, ended up rendering the centuries during which it occupied western Europe in complete cultural limbo. The name ‘Logan’ itself derives from an ancient Gaelic (Scottish) dialect, and with Scotland notably being a major geographic part of Britain, we can conclude that, at least in part, the character has direct heritage in the Great British region. Now when considering the name “Big Hat Logan” ’s etymology and the historical context of the unorthodox title, we can conclude that indeed, Logan’s parents named him as such because they aspired for him to wear a big hat.
i was wondering: i want to complete AotA before i face Seat the Scaleless, so i tought on an strategy tracking the crystal golem with the broken pendant, leaving the Duke's Files right away and making my way to Oolacile... at the moment Big Hat Logan is in Firelink Shrine still... if i take the actions described above, he will be still in Firelink Shrine after y finish the DLC?... i just cleared Anor Londo and also already put the Lordvessel in place
so, turn out i bought all his spells before entering the Duke's Files, and he dissapear shortly after that, playing the DLC already, and loving it =D
Fucn dumb. Wish I had read the NOTE before I did all these because now I don’t see him but his chest was there...thanks NG+ here we go.
Helpppp I killed Seth and then i saved him from the cage in sens fortress qnd alredy opened the cell because he wasnt there and i cant find him anywhere



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Logan only ever is in one of 4 locations: cage in Sen's Fortress, prison in Duke's Archive, Firelink Shrine or Seath's Camber. If you free him from Sen's after Seath died he should move to Firelink Shrine.
Went up to fight him prepared for a difficult fight my crystal soulmass immediately killed him and now I feel bad... Sorry buddy