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The set's weight is 4.5, not 20.6.
I got the Warlock Mask after killing one of the Lion Warriors
first try?
Is it that the Golden Lion Warrior only drops loot once? Because in the regular game he spawns repeatedly.
where the ***** is this set in sotfs? the ruins straight on the path from the bonfire just have a dude who drops the warlock mask. i'm pretty sure i melted every lion in the zone except the guy right after the headless vengarl fight. and that's because the wiki says he drops nothing. how is there so much misinformation on here, it's insane, why bother going out of your way to add anything to the page at all unless you're sure it's true?
If you ever come back here, the comment I wrote above yours has the info you need. I'd edit the page but I don't have an account.
**ATTENTION** For those playing sotfs, this is what you do since only ONE Golden Lion spawns per playthrough... 1. Quit and save your game right Before you fight the golden lion. Have item discovery gear on. 2. Back up your save to a usb stick (I'm on ps4) 3. Load your game and fight the lion. If you don't get the drop you want, quit the game and reload your save file from the usb. 4. Once you get the drop you want, beat the boss (Scorpioness Najka) so you can use a bonfire ascetic to respawn the area so you can fight another golden lion. 5. Repeat from step one. There is NO POINT just wasting ascetics and driving yourself crazy by not getting drops. Back up your saves to that usb. This way you'll only need 4 ascetics in total for the 5 items.... * Lion Warrior Helm * Lion Warrior Cape * RED Lion Warrior Cape * Lion Warrior Cuffs * Lion Warrior Skirt Thanks for reading and have a good day.
**Edit... The Golden Lion only drops the RED Lion Warrior Cape, not the standard one (Lion Warrior Cape). That makes only 4 items and needing 3 ascetics....