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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Missing the queen breaker's bow, lord of wolves and dreg's promise
honey look at the bottom
honey look at the bottom
It's ok
No Land sucks
What does everyone think of the no land beyond
Touch of Malice isn't on this list
The "347 vesta dynasty" is actually the Boolean Gemini
The fourth horseman for example
There is such a thing it just hasn't been released yet. And only 1 person in the world has fate of all fools
Fixed it

And think shoots 3 shells a time it looks like wild west Shotgun and its a gogeos design hope u guys find it be sure to have golden keys with ya cuz it comes from the big chest in PoE
I like cake
No such thing as 347 vesta dynasty.
A lot of good guns but is missing a couple... But on the other hand it wouldn't hurt to add all exotic clothes because that would be nice
no its not look at the list under all the pictures its there
How many people got gjarhorn
The fourth horsemen can be found in PoE 34 had it yesterdam and goddam its amazing xD shoots zo fast on top of that it deals massive dmg and its not 365 yet tryed in trials omfg takes 1 shot likely lol but has bit recoil buut that can be fixed with the perks it has
missing the first curse,Outbreak prime and the chaperone
Missing Zhalo supercell, ace of spades and the 4 exotic swords and chaperone
And zen meteor