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I just finished in the forest of fallen giants, and beat the dragonrider. I also made my way to no mans warf, and i paid the lady to open the path to huntsmans copse. what now? and how do I open those 2 big doors in the forest of fallen giants that are by the cardinal tower bonfire?
you'll open that path very late=game. you have to go to iron keep from huntman's copse, and there defeat the old iron king. then you need to jump down the large hole in majula and kill the rotten. Watch a youtube guide for better info haha
Hit the door and then Look for the key on the ground
What door?
This whole page is about a single character... not a location... what are you guys doing?
That's probably because the Cathedral of Blue only consists of the boss, the balcony with Targray and the room with the bonfire.
The boss fight is pretty simple if you clear a path, then summon a phantom from the previous boss fight
This really wasn't worth a whole area.
Shield up, circle right, wait for it to miss, nuke. Even easier than the Dragonrider.