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The one in the reservoir is optional, you can bypass him by beating the Shichimen Warrior in the Abandoned Dungeon, or by following the path after acquiring the Dried Serpent Viscera.
I dropped down and took one life from him, then immediately slammed him with the axe, and 2 sword strikes. That added 1/4 to his posture bar right off the bat. Then it was just a matter of attacking until it looked like he was almost out of range (from him backing up to try to kick) and then blocking 2-3 of his sword strikes then double jumping off him to cancel his perilous attack and I had him done in like 6 tries and he was almost full health still when I got the deathblow
Beat him my first try (somehow) I found like 90% jumping around instead of deflecting/dodging really helped, firecrackers, and the sugar that boosts attack. If he’s gonna jump I’m gonna jump too.
Definitely use the Spring-load Axe Prosthetic Tool. Made this fight last 45 seconds.
How to access the boss locationa after the place is on fire? cant find that place anymore
Cant, the entrance will be blocked after the state is set on fire.
It's NOT blocked after the state is set on fire, you need to go to the Shichimen Warrior idol (Bottomless Hole) in the dungeon and grapple up to some lizards and then swim to him.
Actually beat him the first time, even without a stealth deathblow (I not only screwed up the stealth deathblow, but him him and missed his dialogue) After beating my head on Genichiro for so long that I gave up, this guy was simple to parry. I wound up fighting the camera more than him--stay out of the corners or you'll be blind and he'll just keep beating on you.
***** this guy I can't beat him the camera makes it even more difficult to move in small places( I play on PC btw) while genichiro is easy to block for me
where is this boss in mibu village? i'm pretty confused can't find any references to this anywhere else either.
I believe it's the regular 1 deathblow swordsman like in the misen area, only difference is, it has a toxic passive ability
I believe it's the regular 1 deathblow swordsman like in the misen area, only difference is, it has a toxic passive ability
If you’re struggling on this guy or any of the enemies/bosses like him I have one very useful tip I learned by accident. Their final kick in that long combo of kicks they do is actually a thrust and therefore can in fact be Mikiri Countered. It’s incredibly easy to do so as well.
Holy*****. Thanks for that. Literally the first time I went agaisnt him knowing that I beat him
The ones guarding mist raven and the one outside mibu village are just regular mooks you see later in the game. You don't call all of them lone shadow longswordsman.
They don't even look exactly the same; the Mibu Village one wears a white hood, and and the one guarding Mist Raven has the top of his head exposed like any other regular Lone Shadow.
Similar enough, the only difference is his extra life and additional armor. I've been using the lone shadow at the Hirata Estate as a practice dummy and aside from the chain plunging kick combo, they are practically the same.
I practiced with the guy in Hirata estates . Basically helped me get better at the game


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He sounds pretty damn chill, at least when you read his quotes