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would be real great game with cool bosses and fun to deal with all the diff mechanics without tese ridic. endless spawning of minimonsters. thats the definition of crap. poor game design thinking its challenging but its just annoying.
yep. the game is way more of a chore than fun. eventually you may have success but you're better off playing something that was designed by people who actually play test their games.
Sorry to be the git gud guy, but the bosses aren't that hard. With no minions they would be Very easy. I was Just getting my *** handed to me in Dark Souls 3 DLC earlier, then went tô remnant and like ..died 6 times on a boss? That's expected. But that's It.
Everyone is a game designer today right? "I can't get past this boss, the designers are bad and they don't playtest. Right.
can be soo easy just make an "easy mode" without all the endless trash mobs making a real good game just a piece of crap. and the not so hardcore gamers can enjoy the game too. and for all others play hard mode or make your own challenge and run naked with your fists if that is what you need, your parents will be proud on their little hardcore boy. but make games fun again and of course challenging too but not ridiculous annoying. i would buy every upcoming addon, dlc second part or whatever i love the style of the game but with that crap mechanics in boss fights gunfire games is on my black list for every and any upcoming piece of software. just a pity, i really thougt its a little gamegem, the surprise this year but .... new style nowadays seems to make games annoying and not fun at all costs.
Well it's not boss fights, mano y mano like the good soulslikes. That was awsome. This is a tedious rollshootrollshoot with limited ammo. does that sound fun? it's not.
To the "game designer guy": no, dip$hit, everyone is not a game designer but knows what is doable or not after 30-50 tries. This dev has a pretty bad trackrecord and this game's boss fights are NOT easier than DS3. No way.
They are definitely easier than dark souls. It took me more than 30-40 tries tô Kelly ornstein and smough. Maybe 30 for suster friede, ir lady Maria, ir orphan of kos. And sekiros bosses too. No boss in this game took me more than 10 tries.
Most mobs you can just ignore
Lol multiplayer is dead in this because everyone needs help getting through the $hit bosses. Goodbye co-op!
The boss that killed me the most did It like 8 times. If you think this is hard steer away from dark souls.
this could not make less sense. People wanting help for bosses somehow kills the part of the game that lets you do that?
I've beaten the game up to the final boss of Yaesha solo, I don't understand the salt here. Yeah, it can be hard, and yeah, it can be annoying. I don't know what you're doing but if it's repeatedly throwing bodies at the problem then you're doing it wrong.
maybe most of them are just a noob and can't pass the game, the bosses, it it fun to read comment down here
Throwing bodies at the problem is the perfect solution for this game, actually.
I find the bosses that have a clear method of summoning their adds to be a lot more fun, like Totem Father or Claviger who clearly do something to bring in the adds. With those guys you can be like "Right, here come the adds, gotta get ready." The really annoying bosses (read: most of them) are the ones where the adds appear out of NOWHERE. You'll be fighting the boss when suddenly a bunch of enemies bum-rush you from the side of rear without any indication they were coming. I get that the devs don't want you to just sit in the corner and snipe the boss to death but at the same time don't spawn adds right up my a** without giving me a heads up.
Totally get what you're saying, but as far as I know most fights do give some kind of notification when ads are spawning.
I get having adds in the boss fights because it is a shooter. But unlike other good shooters you don't have the mechanics in the game to make these fights fun. The fights aren't impossible or incredibly hard by any means but they aren't enjoyable because your character is slow as***** and the dodge can be clunky while most enemies are pretty fast. It just isn't an enjoyable experience fighting a boss in this game for the most part.
Just STOP comparing this "game" with any FROM title, they are incredible well and high sophisticated designed, every single monster every sequence of movement of any npc the complete leveling system and what ever. the boss fights in a dark soul title is a masterpiece of gamedesign and here it is ...not lol. so if you are really bored and dont have the possibility to get ypurself a real game then gamble through randomly spwaned mobs appearing right behind your *** from nowhere exploding in your face without any reason. and of course you can do it just needs luck not skill.
Git gud
This is so true. I just helped a guy beat The Harrow. It wasn't a case of 'learning the fight', it was simply 'keep trying until the adds spawn in your favour"
Git gud noob
“Master game design” I think chaos bed and monnlight butterfly were pretty far from master game desgin
I have absolutely no idea why people are salty about theses bosses. Just finished the game. I mean yeah there are annoying ad-throwers like the Undying King but else it´s essentially just: Skill the red type of dmg and crit. Play with the one shot revolver or the repeater of the hunter and critshot through the game. Most of the time you can literally do 1k dmg every shot if you skilled correctly. Which is especially for easy target bosses like the dreamer bloody easy. Took me 5 shots to get into second phase essentially 90% of the time.
I found the game very easy. It's just a simple run and shoot and if there are ads you just kill those first it's not hard
Play nightmare mode.
So many people over here really needs to git gud if they can't deal with some adds.
@all the git gud morons: no need to copy every single internet trend just for the sake of it. if you are an idiot and have nothing meaningful to say just shut up.
maN I lOvE AdD FigHtS, SuPeR FuN.
Use Rattle Weed. Or a shotgun. Or have good aim. Or play on Normal. Or stop complaining when you're bad at the game.