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I'm 99% sure that the guy you need to kill is one of the Black Hand guys near the end of the Grand Archives. He's not an invader.
This was one of the best armor sets in the entire souls series, in Dark Souls 2, now they ruined and it looks fatty and ugly.... sigh...
I have a burly knight with thick chest, arms and legs. This is like the only set he looks like a BAMF in. And the only set that makes him look like the "average build" is the firelink set. The disappointing set is cathedral knight. Fat and you have dumb sleeves.
It looks fine to me, don't know what your talking about
If you made your character's chest large, even with a small abdomen, every torso piece will look chubbier and some with naturally big shoulders will take on WoW proportions.
If you don't want to look chubby stick with the standard or slim presets (since all armor is modeled on the standard preset)
I honestly feel they made the armor look way better compared the "plastic" like shine from DSII.
"Honey, does this armor make me look fat? "
Go Beyond Death was basically the tagline of the Dark Souls II Ad campaign, the video and descriptions are both callbacks to Dark Souls II.
Am I the only one that thinks the nameless king might be faraam the god of war that this set was named after?
huh. Lion knights... Nameless Kings hair looks sorta like the mane of a lion. Ornstien was his first knight (or one of the first) and is the lion knight. coincidence? I think not!
the name of gwyn children always follow his name. GWYNevere, GWYNdolin, etc. GWYNfaraam seem a bit odd. I think that GWYNsen is a bit better
Everything about the nameless king implies he was Gwyns forsaken firstborn, a god of war. So the armor probably was named after him
As the armor on the cover of Dark Souls II, I fought hard in that game, and eventually got it. I will get it again in this game too... very soon...
-Lord Hikari
Someone please fix that on the gauntlets.
This armor was the perfect fashion souls, but FromSoft had to ruin it with the god***** exposed neck which opens your character's jugular, seriously someone could easily slide a dagger into that gap between the helmet and armor peace, it's a god***** OCD trigger >:(
Agreed, this set looks amazing, but man, that stupid exposed neck... What the Hell From?
Seriously? You're complaining about a slit opening on a set of fantasy armor because someone can gank you with a dagger... Nevermind the fact he's wearing chinos and motorcycle boots. I think if someone wanted to kill a lion Knight they can just aim for his entire bottom half.
I'm glad I'm not the only one with that complaint. The helmet doesn't look fat and plastic anymore, but that exposed neck made me regret dropping souls on this.



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Yeah.. hated that exposed neck -_- C'mon japanese devs are supposed to be creative... they should've have focused more on the details of these armors.
Either grab Lothric knight helmet or Alva helmet if you want to keep the knight look.

Otherwise, grab anything that covers the exposed part.
Elite Knight Helm has a neck guard as well (smaller, but better than this and the starter knight)
I wear it with the sunset chest piece and the sash and cape covers the neck. Try it.
You guys know that there are*****load of real historical armours with exposed neck right? Calm your tits already.
Is it possible that the name of the nameless king boss is Faraam? It said that the armour set was named after a god of war and the only god of war we know is the firstborn of gwyn. And many people think that the nameless king IS gwyn's firstborn.


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There's another possible correlation to this theory. The Forossa knights are called "Lion Knights", and Ornstein...who has been implied to have been the Nameless Kings' number one, judging by the fact he left Anor Londo to seek him out and his utilization of spear methods created by the First Born, has armor with a strong Lion motif along with his Leo Ring of course.

It's probably a coincidence but it's a very strong, in the very least eye-raising one. It would go against the naming convention of the children having "Gwyn" in their name in some way, but it's not impossible either. Maybe he was just simply the exception, or perhaps "Faraam" was a new name the people of Forossa gave to him in the absence of his now forbidden original name. Even after his exile and his name being stricken from all record, the First Born was still out there for quite some time. Perhaps helping to cultivate the general fascination warrior castes in the world of Dark Souls have with Dragons.
The kingdom name is not Faraam. It is Forossa. Faraam is the name of Forossan God of War.
You guys do realize that it is pretty much confirmed that Nameless King is Gwyn's Firstborn.
All Gwyn's children have starting letter "Gw" for their names. So no. Faraam is a Kingdom back in DS2, where the greatest of Knights lived. It makes sense they would worship the God of War. The Ivory King was from that Kingdom before it fell.
Not true. If it was faraam, he'd be called the Faraam King ;)
Yeah? What about filianore? Where's the gwy there?