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Give me your fangs you crackhead of a dragon!
Since today's update, I only get membrane when I break my head. Bug or bad luck, I do not know.
fighting this thing is a f***ing nightmare
Nerg was so easy, this***** is a ficking nightmare. This thing have so much broken hitboxes, high damage and health reduction. Everyone say to stay under his butt, but it get you anyway whit his unpredictable charge attack. ***** this*****.
I disagree, vaal is by far the easiest elder dragon I've ever faced in MH history, beat him first try with dual blades solo.
Agreed. Vaal is very easy. I wouldn't say easiest for me but very easy. Easiest for me was xeno'jiiva but Vaal is close second.
From what I’ve gathered of people’s experiences, either Vaal is easy as***** for you, or it’s the literal spawn of Satan. For me it’s the spawn of satan.
Insect glaive user here LOL 2 EZ
AT is a pain, have to solo it otherwise SOS wipe everytime... takes a solid 20ish minutes. Normal or tempered is easy when you learn the signs for his blight moves and how to avoid them. Like his death beam, he almost always goes from his right > left so go round his right side.
hm easy dub
I can and can't say this crackhead is easy, because damaging it is easy, dodging attacks? pretty annoying but do-able. but landing a true charge attack is literally impossible
So is there no master rank armor for the regular Vaal hazak?