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At the quest Food Chain Dominator, The handler accidentally gets on the pickle. It is a pain because you have to knock the pickle down without sending the SOS flare.
He doesn’t seem that hard. Then again I’ve never been on the receiving end of an angry pickle
I've hunted this prick upwards of 20 times and not a single saliva..... NONE, WHY
Try equipping your palico with the plunderblade. My palico's plunderblade efficiency is maxed at level 10, so I got quite a few that way.
Jho's been a bro to me, at least 4 encounters and the only thing it does it screw with the other monster, stand there for a second in front of me, then walk away.
I heard that Jho's rage state can be broken with Elderseal. Is this true?
Rage state or his swollen state . They aren’t the same in mhw
Every time it shows up both it and the monster I'M hunting just start attacking me without every attacking each other until after I've fainted.