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Here's a table I just made depicting the damage output of every scythe depending on the build and infusion:
I put a few comments on why you would chose each scythe over the other two.

Oh, do I love the scythes!
OP Trashed the document, lol. For those who still really want to use one of these three, some bits it said: "
Great Scythe
For a "low" level pure physical damage build, dex build with sharp infusion is the best choice. It's roughly on par with the Corvian, though Corvian has bleed on self and is a bit heavier. If you do not intend to use a buff, Pontiff Knight Great Scythe is better.
In short: use this one for a dex build with weapon buff (I'd advise to use resins over spells). Otherwise, look into the two others.
Corvian Great Scythe
It has really good scaling for elemental damage. Casters might want to look into it. As usual, it is ill advised to pick an elemental infusion outside of an elemental build. As for luck build, it has a really high bleed (and poison) build up, with an AR not too far behind a dex build for the hollow infusion. However, because of the weapon's low hit rate, bleed isn't really realiable against other players. (thanks to coffeeborne)
In short: maybe the best scythe overall, good for almost every build. You might just want to switch out if you're fighting an oponent using bleed.
Pontiff Knight Great Scythe
It cannot be infused nor buffed, outside of the frost effect you gain with the weapon art. Only dexterity and strength increases AR. Having less than 12 faith won't impact your damage, only the abilty to perform the weapon art.
It's better than the other two for a dex build with no buff. That's it."
Cannot confirm any of that's still up-to-date, though
Oh okay. Wiki's just going to pretend I didn't put any formatting into that, great.
these really need a buff, and hopefully the dlc adds more of them.
Has anybody seen someone using a dual scythe? i came against someone who had a scythe i didnt recognize with basically a metal pole as a secondary that would turn into a scythe and he had a very aggressive weapon art when the two were combined. The flow of his attacks were like Pontif's and he would float through the air as he performed it.
Yes it's a dlc weapon you getfrom transposing one of the boss souls
Yup, i've just invaded a host with phantom wealding these. Propably from DLC somehow, i couln'd even roll out from range, they are insane.
Elfriede's Great Scythe, one of the most intimidating weapons so far
dlc weapon
That was one of the boss weapon from the DLC that just came out~
lol I have great winrates VS the ice sycthe. Most people don't know about zoning and timing of attacks XD
It is Friede's Great Scythe. It is obtained by transposing the soul of Sister Friede. The weapon art summons a smaller scythe that is made of magic. That weapon is cancer.
That's the new dlc scythe it's for int/dex with dual a scaling at max quite good (except if you buck fire bomb when they weapon art then run and combo on there chase)
It also doss frost :)
dumb comment getting a upvote? what is wrong with people
Reapers? ***** that they are Scythes someone change it... Im austistic
They are indeed reapers. And yes, you're autistic.
A scythe is a tool used for reaping long grasses and similar crops. Which means that scythes are, by their very definition, reapers. And so the name is correct.
I give up. Tried Corvian and Friedes because I loved the Lifehunt Scythe in DS1. But nothing works for me as Invader. If I hit them they loose maybe a fifth of their health. When I on the other side am already half dead if we trade. And that's when we have a 1 on 1. Maybe I'm too aggressive. Maybe the arena might be the right place for me in the end but I want to invade no matter what. But reapers either collide with my playstyle or are indeed to weak for invasions.
Well with a reaper weapon you're not supposed to be aggressive but predict where they'll evade at
Friede's is my favorite weapon in the game and honestly it all comes down to punishing mistakes and abusing your massive range. I can't speak for the other 3 scythes, and I know Friede's has a unique 2 handed moveset, but that's just my experience.


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Honestly "Reapers" are just not as great as they used to, there is also almost no variety on them as well, it's just a sad class of weapon, but you got to admit they do have a flashy moveset
I mean, that rather mirrors reality. Scythes were never practical weapons in combat, but they look flashy and intimidating.
lol reapers are monsters in PVP. Of course they can't trade, it's a small blade on a 7ft stick. You're not supposed to be up front and trade hits with this VS the slabs of rock that are most of the UGS and any great class weapons. Reapers have 3 things in stride, fast swing speed, great range whether 1h or 2h (2H normal attacks have slightly longer range and quicker attack and 2 SH normal attacks combo into a 2h strong attack, 1h strong attacks and running attacks have wide coverage,) and top tier shield piercing. They are a god send in the current meta where heavy armor/weapons and trading hits are the norm.
Which one is best for my crops?
Elfriede's of course double the harvest for half the effort! ( '-')
If you wanna look cool, get Friede's, but if you are an economy-class citizen, get the great scythe.
Dont use friedes scythe on your crops. You'll freeze them.
Scythes are so underrated, I'm surprised they aren't meta. You have a weapon with slightly slower swing speed of a straight sword, but slightly greater damage than a straight sword and the range of a halberd. It's a a fast weapon so its surprisingly easy to catch great weapon users early on during wind-up frames of attack animation and stagger them. And it pierces shields like no tomorrow at least 80-94 damage pierced per swing compared to shotels, which deal average 37 damage per swing. People also don't realize they are best utilized at <30% equip load. You long roll out of an attack, walk back for half a second and use normal attack. The distance is a sweet spot, just out of range of even UGS weapons when you time attacks right. It's a shame that there aren't more scythes, 7 of them would have been nice. And Neck Swipe kinda sucks BTW. If the Pontiff Knight Great Scythe were infusable, it would have made for the best scythe easily.
Loving these weapons VS shields and greatshields. With proper spacing and timing, the Double Door Great shields are destroyed by this.