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It doesn’t work I should uninstall the damn game it***** bc you can’t get the *****ing trait they need to fix it or show you a progress meter
I got this perk just now during the harrow fight. I shot him with my secondary for a little, then my primary. After he left and the adds spawned, I swapped back and got it as I was shooting the adds. Maybe you get it by swapping and killing someone shortly after?
The requirements for this trait is a bit over the top for something that isn't even mediocre in usefulness as you already switch weapons pretty fast to begin with. Not to mention it doesn't even fit the theme of the trait. How does shooting 100 enemies with 10 different weapons have anything to do with weapon swapping?
You, answered your own question there. You are SWAPPING WEAPONS to unlock a perk about SWAPPING weapons
All that swapping is done in menus, not during combat. Almost all of the other perks require you do something related to what bonus it gives.
This is a 2 minute clip to show that I had rerolled and my first shot "killed" a bookshelf giving me my apparent 100th kill with my 10th gun. So I guess destroyables also count towards kills and this debunks the single campaign thought people had, had.
I cannot post xbox dvr clips it seems. That ruins that.
I got the trait right after destroying a vessel, so i'm not quite sure if only enemies count.
Same here.
Made a point of trying kills that utilize both the handgun and the long gun on the same target and unlocked it after about five more kills.
I think it has to do with getting kills doing damage with both weapons against the same enemy and/or swapping out an empty weapon instead of reloading. I play PVE with a personal challenge. "Realistic reload" I don't swap out mags till they're empty: shotties can be topped up etc. I got the perk and it seems to fit my play style,I still didn't get it until many many hours in though?
I acquired this from shooting pots in Rhom with a different weapon.. So maybe "hits" count towards unlocking this?
I'm gonna go ahead and confirm this; you need a certain amount of kills with 10 different weapons. It is possible that breakable objects count towards this, as some state they've experienced, but I don't believe melee weapons count.