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I literally cannot get past the trainstation area because of these damn things. Is there any way to counter their attacks and that bull*****invincibility ability they have?
When they first spawn they glow red, and when they are in that red state they cannot be shot or hit. I'm not sure of the exact conditions, but that red aura will go away, and when it does it is suseptable to attacks. If you have a +5 gun you should be able to kill it before it gets it's aura back or teleports away. I notice that when it has the red aura, shooting it a couple times will prompt a teleport. I think they may have something to do with it losing it's invincibility. Either way, once the aura is gone just go ham and try to shoot it in the head to drop it quickly. I hope this helps.
Hard and not always doable, but, shoot the 'big spores' on the ground that explodes. If he gets hit, he will drop the invincibility, problems is, they are few and far appart..
So what I have found is if you shoot it a bunch it will 'teleport' through your shots keep it up and the red aura will go away and you can damage them.
These are rather annoying, I dont understand how their immunity works, it seem random, but if you dont hit it it seem to last forever but sometimes it just drops. I dont know..


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It is vulnerable a few seconds after of any attack, so keep close of it, avoid the attack and shoot it.
My first encounter with this thing. Character: Oh sh*t. Me: What? *turns around* Me: Oh sh*t... Hunter wasn't enough with his swords being constantly in the way so they made up this bull*****meant to just soak up all your ammo, huh.